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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1265 OpenGL-E API Spec devrel NEW --- Behavior of program objects with deleted shaders is undefined. 2014-12-10
1366 OpenGL-E API Spec devrel NEW --- Typo in 3.8.2, under "Texture Access" 2015-07-30
929 OpenGL-E API Spec opengl_es NEW --- Ambiguity in the behavior of glGenerateMipmap under error conditions 2013-07-29
615 OpenGL-E API Spec tom.olson NEW --- bindFrameBuffer spec does not define an error when target is not FRAMEBUFFER 2013-06-19
763 OpenGL-E API Spec tom.olson NEW --- The description of Table2.4 about Integer Handling is conflict with other contents in this Spec 2013-06-19
769 OpenGL-E API Spec tom.olson NEW --- The content about defining duplicate variable is conflict in The OpenGL ES Shading Language(Language Version: 1.00 Document Revision: 17) 2013-06-19
1335 OpenGL-E API Spec devrel ASSI --- Does glComperssedTexImage allow GL_TEXTURE_3D for 2D ASTC formats? 2015-06-24
1145 OpenGL-E API Spec tom.olson ASSI --- Please expose GL_ARB_draw_elements_base_vertex extension to OpenGL ES 2014-03-30
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