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34 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
11 COLLADA Schema fabricerobinet NEW --- COLLADA does not natively support any kind of texture animations. 2014-01-07
26 COLLADA Schema fabricerobinet NEW --- <gl_pipeline_settings> missing texgen and texture matrix tokens 2014-01-07
33 COLLADA Schema fabricerobinet NEW --- Shared surface support 2014-01-07
40 COLLADA Schema fabricerobinet NEW --- stencil_func_separate state in GLSL profile doesn't match OpenGL functionality 2014-01-07
80 COLLADA Schema fabricerobinet NEW --- typo: light_linear_attenutation 2014-01-07
86 COLLADA Specific fabricerobinet NEW --- Equation shown for <constant> FX incorrectly contains <ambient> 2014-01-07
97 COLLADA Specific fabricerobinet NEW --- <reflective>, <reflectivity>, and <index_of_refraction> calculations not fully documented 2014-01-07
150 COLLADA Schema fabricerobinet NEW --- fx_sampler_common allows sampler elements to be empty; needs explanation 2014-01-07
152 COLLADA Specific fabricerobinet NEW --- fx_sampler_common missing info about GLES sampler2d wrap modes 2014-01-07
153 COLLADA Specific fabricerobinet NEW --- <instance_image> documentation is murky 2014-01-07
168 COLLADA Specific fabricerobinet NEW --- <technique>(FX) child shader elements aren't consistently documented 2014-01-07
259 COLLADA Schema fabricerobinet NEW --- stencil_func_separate state in GLSL profile doesn't match OpenGL functionality 2014-01-07
84 COLLADA Schema fabricerobinet ASSI --- newparam different in Profile_gles2 to other profiles 2014-01-07
85 COLLADA Specific fabricerobinet ASSI --- description incorrect in phong shader specification 2014-01-07
96 COLLADA Specific fabricerobinet ASSI --- Transparency bugs 2014-01-07
81 COLLADA Schema mcbarnes RESO FIXE typo: light_linear_attenutation in GLES profile 2008-08-06
662 WebGL Registry 3dweb RESO FIXE <additions> Should Modify WebGL Specification 2016-01-19
20 COLLADA Specific dhorowitz RESO DUPL Lambert element definition incorrect 2007-11-28
22 COLLADA Schema dhorowitz RESO FIXE <mipfilter> should be moved from <sampler> to <surface> 2008-06-28
5 COLLADA Specific elf RESO FIXE <profile_COMMON> example is incorrect 2008-06-10
6 COLLADA Specific elf RESO FIXE <source> link in <sampler*> is wrong 2008-06-10
7 COLLADA Specific elf RESO FIXE <source> element inside <sampler*> needs explanation 2008-06-10
21 COLLADA Specific elf RESO FIXE <sampler> 2008-06-10
27 COLLADA Specific elf RESO FIXE Default material colors in <phong>, <lambert>, etc 2008-06-10
39 COLLADA Specific elf RESO DUPL Notes on transparent/transparency elements are still unclear 2011-09-09
755 OpenGL Man Page graham.sellers RESO INVA animated scene 2012-12-11
28 COLLADA Schema jsremi RESO INVA missing name attribute on all profile_XXXX 2008-03-17
14 COLLADA Schema mcbarnes RESO FIXE Is cg_setarray_type definition valid ? 2011-03-10
15 COLLADA Schema mcbarnes RESO WONT Texture transforms 2007-02-02
1305 OpenCL C++ Bind opencl RESO INVA I need Opne CL 2015-08-20
1 COLLADA Specific elf VERI FIXE Lambert shader is missing some values in spec. 2010-11-10
405 COLLADA Schema mcbarnes CLOS INVA fdsf 2011-03-10
63 COLLADA Schema dhorowitz CLOS FIXE <source> element within <sampler*> should be renamed or changed to an attribute 2009-04-18
67 COLLADA Specific elf CLOS FIXE <source> element within <sampler*> renamed to instance_image 2009-04-19
34 bugs found.