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18 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
35 OpenGL Registry graham.sellers ASSI --- Man pages should list version in which functions were introduced 2013-05-28
202 OpenGL Registry devrel ASSI --- Cannot compile GL_TIMEOUT_IGNORED on Visual C++ 6.0 2012-03-05
337 OpenGL Registry graham.sellers ASSI --- AMD_seamless_cubemap_per_texture problem 2010-08-09
703 OpenGL Registry devrel ASSI --- DSA functions from other specs. 2013-07-17
819 OpenGL Registry devrel NEW --- Suggestions for projects to incorporate into the OpenGL SDK 2014-10-10
907 OpenGL Registry devrel NEW --- EXT_direct_state_access: gl*Tex*Image*EXT prototypes in glext.h wrong 2013-07-17
908 OpenGL Registry devrel NEW --- EXT_direct_state_access: no selector-free way to change VAO's texture coordinate set enable 2013-07-17
909 OpenGL Registry devrel NEW --- ARB_instanced_arrays lacks a selector-free way to update VAO vertex attribute divisor 2013-07-17
1057 OpenGL Registry devrel NEW --- Incorrect definition of DEBUGPROC 2014-07-05
1215 OpenGL Registry devrel NEW --- glx.xml : Be consistent when naming parameters 2014-09-01
1227 OpenGL Registry devrel NEW --- Please summarize your OpenGL Registry request here 2014-09-23
1236 OpenGL Registry devrel NEW --- glcorearb.h contains code illegal under C++ 2014-10-03
1246 OpenGL Registry devrel NEW --- Missing enum GL_MAX_TRANSFORM_FEEDBACK_BUFFER_BINDINGS 2014-10-13
1248 OpenGL Registry devrel NEW --- Submission of CeedGL, Obj-C wrapper for OpenGL / OpenGL ES (Mac & iOS) 2014-10-14
1249 OpenGL Registry devrel NEW --- Missing enum GL_BLEND_COLOR from api="gl" in gl.xml 2014-12-21
1253 OpenGL Registry devrel NEW --- Need to load 2014-10-21
1292 OpenGL Registry devrel NEW --- glGetPointerv required twice in GL_VERSION_4_3 2015-02-02
1343 OpenGL Registry devrel ASSI --- GL_KHR_texture_compression_astc_hdr interactions with desktop OpenGL Tue 14:34
18 bugs found.
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