My Robot Nation

My Robot Nation is a new website which combines WebGL, robots, and 3D printing.  Consumers can make a robot on the site in full 3D, then have it 3D printed and shipped to their door!

Through the power of WebGL, you can customize your robot with different body parts, 3D parts, stamps, and colors.  Having it “just work” in a browser without needing to install any plugins means that users get a seamless experience.  Because our HTML5 GUI is totally integrated with the WebGL view in the browser window, we can provide the interaction and flexibility that consumers expect from a website.

Throughout the development of My Robot Nation, we were constantly amazed at how easy it is to use WebGL.  Whenever we needed to add a new feature or capability, it was done with a few lines of Javascript.  The flexibility and stability of WebGL meant that we could focus on the user experience, rather than fighting the technology.  Users can see everything happen in real time as they drag new 3D parts onto the model, rotate and place stamps, and pose their robot just right.  No waiting for a server to re-render a static image.  Of course, getting all of this to work seamlessly for the user was a large technical hurdle, resulting in a couple pending patents, but WebGL makes it all possible.

Because the robots are created in 3D, we have an accurate blueprint for the 3D printable geometry.  Once you have made your awesome robot, the model gets sent to the Robot Factory at Offload Studios, which 3D prints it for you in full color.  What you see in the browser is what is printed!

We love that consumers are able to get easy access to 3D printing.  Previously, only 3D modelers and artists with high-end software were able to use the technology.  But now, with a browser and WebGL, anyone can create their own personalized, customized robot!  And robots are just the beginning!

Mark Danks
My Robot Nation, Co-Founder
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