My Robot Nation

My Robot Nation is a new website which combines WebGL, robots, and 3D printing.  Consumers can make a robot on the site in full 3D, then have it 3D printed and shipped to their door!

Through the power of WebGL, you can customize your robot with different body parts, 3D parts, stamps, and colors.  Having it “just work” in a browser without needing to install any plugins means that users get a seamless experience.  Because our HTML5 GUI is totally integrated with the WebGL view in the browser window, we can provide the interaction and flexibility that consumers expect from a website.

Throughout the development of My Robot Nation, we were constantly amazed at how easy it is to use WebGL.  Whenever we needed to add a new feature or capability, it was done with a few lines of Javascript.  The flexibility and stability of WebGL meant that we could focus on the user experience, rather than fighting the technology.  Users can see everything happen in real time as they drag new 3D parts onto the model, rotate and place stamps, and pose their robot just right.  No waiting for a server to re-render a static image.  Of course, getting all of this to work seamlessly for the user was a large technical hurdle, resulting in a couple pending patents, but WebGL makes it all possible.

Because the robots are created in 3D, we have an accurate blueprint for the 3D printable geometry.  Once you have made your awesome robot, the model gets sent to the Robot Factory at Offload Studios, which 3D prints it for you in full color.  What you see in the browser is what is printed!

We love that consumers are able to get easy access to 3D printing.  Previously, only 3D modelers and artists with high-end software were able to use the technology.  But now, with a browser and WebGL, anyone can create their own personalized, customized robot!  And robots are just the beginning!

Mark Danks
My Robot Nation, Co-Founder
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The Khronos Group to invite Universities and Training Centers to Submit Open Course Content

The Khronos Group is pleased to invite Universities and Training Centers to Submit Open Course Content for Free KITE (Khronos Institute for Training & Education) Program

The Khronos™ Group, maintainers of open standards such as OpenGL®, OpenCL™, WebGL™ and many other universal graphics, parallel computing and mutlimedia APIs for over 10 years, is very excited to extend this formal invitation to you for early participation in our soon-to-be-announced KITE initiative.

Khronos standards have existed for over a decade and we are proud to begin the next steps in outreach – education.

KITE is a cooperative effort between the Khronos Group, its individual members and worldwide educational institutions to provide free, web-based resources and Wiki hosting of Khronos-approved educational materials for teachers and students. We are building a repository of open courseware from universities and colleges worldwide and invite your participation.

Designed to facilitate communications and enable project collaboration between educators, students, researchers and Khronos Group members, KITE will offer reference materials and coursework covering all of the Khronos Group programming solutions, including its acclaimed OpenGL family of desktop and mobile 3D graphics APIs, OpenCL heterogeneous computing, OpenMAX™ multimedia frameworks and many more.

Due to your involvement as a leading member of the web community of CG educators, professionals and companies we offer you this early opportunity to become join us in this exciting initiative. We are pleased to offer marketing resources to publicize your involvement in KITE when we launch in a few weeks. Let us know if you are interested.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and we hope you choose to participate in this exciting education initiative.

Benefits to Educators

Educator benefits will include

  • free online listings in the KITE directory as well as sharing open courseware
  • a reduction in necessary prep time for Khronos-related materials
  • peer-reviewed courseware from colleagues
  • sharing real-world teaching experiences
  • leveraging of Khronos members to find industry placements
  • internships and sale prices on premium courseware

While all teaching institutions are invited to submit content for review (and if approved to have upload and sharing privileges), a teaching institution must be a Khronos Academic Member to receive enhanced promotion of their coursework and to have access to the “behind the scenes” communications on the KITE website.

Benefits to Students

Students all over the world will have access to a wide range of resources, including

  • “Study Hall” with industry materials and forums for courseware discussions with lecturers
  • “The Quad” for online meet-ups for students to discuss projects and news
  • a notice board to find internships, competitions and projects offered by Khronos Members
  • “Roving Reporter” opportunities to report back on industry activities and to share demo videos and interviews.

Details on Course Content Submissions

If you have course content, reference materials, and/or presentations and are willing to help us build a world-class facility to share this with others interested or involved in open standards, please contact:

Jonathan Hirshon
Principal, Horizon PR
email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Phone: +1 (415) 952-3001