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The OpenRoad: A Look at Khronos APIs

Open Road Video Heading

Khronos is responsible for bringing more than Vulkan, OpenGL, and WebGL to the world. The Khronos Group and its members have created over 25 standards to date, a list that continually grows as needs for new standards arise from growing industries.

With such a diverse library, we have created a video to showcase each royalty-free standard and demonstrate how each could be used. We collaborated with our friends at Agoro Design to create the Khronos OpenROAD video, which features APIs and other technologies as they work together in an open ecosystem. Believe it or not, we’ve added to our library since this video was created, but it's a great visual look at the use cases for many of our standards.

Because there are so many standards each serving a specific purpose, the video aims to showcase how they can be used for anyone who isn’t already familiar. There are 14 scenarios in the video depicting use cases. From the beginning to end, our standards power each stage in the video: from the initial CAD design and simulation using Vulkan, OpenGL, and OpenCL, to the in-car entertainment and communications using OpenSL ES, OpenMAX, and OpenVX, to its starring role in a mobile game using WebGL and WebCL.

From the start of a simple sketch of a sports car, to a live action video game, auto safety critical systems and more, check out the Khronos standards ecosystem:

Watch it here; you can also download some Khronos wallpapers from the video.