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The Khronie Awards - February 2020

The Khronos® Group gives out special recognition awards called Khronies. Khronies are handed out at our Face-To-Face (F2F) meetings for outstanding contributions to Open Standards. At our last F2F in Barcelona, the following people were recognized:

Jon Leech

The Birth of KhronosCirca 2000: Standing (L-R): Jon Leech, Neil Trevett, Chris Hall. Seated (L-R): Shawn Underwood and Ed Plowman. Photographer: Elizabeth Riegel.

Recognition for going above and beyond in helping drive the whole of Khronos forward with tools and processes making Working Groups more efficient and effective. In his own way he demonstrates drive and innovation to make things better. He shows passion for open standards and that is reflected in his work for Khronos. Jon has played a key role in Khronos 3D graphics standards since before the organization was formed. As secretary of the OpenGL® ARB, he oversaw its merger with Khronos and its transition to become a Khronos Working Group. His long experience in the ARB made him a critical resource during the creation of OpenGL ES™, where (together with David Blythe and others) he played a key role in teaching the mobile community about the design philosophy and ethos of OpenGL. He has played an equally critical role in the creation of Vulkan®, where he led Khronos in pioneering use of gitlab and Asciidoc / Asciidoctor as tools for managing spec creation and development, and in creating workflows that are essential to the Vulkan ecosystem. He edited or co-edited every OpenGL specification since version 1.2, every OpenGL ES specification since version 1.1, and every Vulkan specification since version 1.0.

Frank Brill

Frank has spearheaded OpenVX™ as a Working Group Chair and continues to do so. He also actively participates in other multiple Working Groups. He has given numerous talks and tutorials for OpenVX and Khronos standards in conferences and trade shows.

Sascha Willems + Wasim Abbas (and the Arm Ecosystem Team)

This is for their joint effort to get the Vulkan Unified Samples put together, with Sascha doing so in his free time after developing Vulkan samples for the industry from the inception of the API, and Arm's Ecosystem Team, led by Wasim Abbas, contributing their framework to Khronos and working with Sascha to get their sample sets merged.