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SIGGRAPH Highlights: OpenGL’s 25th, BOF Blitz Party, and News

Khronos at SIGGRAPH 2017

In early August the team was at SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles, where we celebrated OpenGL’s 25th anniversary at the BOF Blitz Party. We also announced a new website, as well as OpenGL 4.6, a growing glTF ecosystem, and the Vulkan Portability Initiative.

It was an exciting week and we were so pleased that the community responded. We had over 4,600 unique visitors on our website for the OpenGL 4.6 announcement. Members, developers and others on our team shared feedback, praise and comments throughout the week. We combined this all into a Twitter Moment from SIGGRAPH to show off the support we got.

There were also a dozen unique stories about the news, including:

  • Architosh: The industry consortium known as The Khronos Group has released an important update to the widely adopted industry standard for computer graphics known as OpenGL. The group has released the OpenGL 4.6 specification with SPIR-V support.
  • Phoronix: As we have been anticipating for weeks/months, a new formal update to OpenGL has been in the works and it's officially out today. Meet OpenGL 4.6! This is a pretty significant update and internally they had the debate whether to
  • PC Perspective: While Vulkan has been getting a lot of mindshare recently, OpenGL is still in active development. This release, OpenGL 4.6, adds a bunch of extensions into the core specification, making them more reliably available to engines. There’s a lot of them this time, many of which seem to borrow design elements from the work done on Vulkan.

We hosted our annual after party - BOF Blitz - on the last day of the show - with over 350 of our Siggraph friends! During the course of the event and the show, the Khronos pride was strong, as we gave away over 1,400 Vulkan, OpenVX, WebGL, OpenGL and glTF t-shirts. Check out the artwork for OpenGL’s 25th Anniversary on the t-shirt, you can see it and snag one in the Khronos store. And the OpenGL 4.6 spec was downloaded almost 2,000 times already.

We also live-streamed many of the BOF sessions, which collectively had over 200 views during the show! We uploaded videos from the education sessions, which have since had over 10,000 views. Vulkan was the most popular at 3,800 views, closely followed by OpenCL, WebGL and glTF.You can rewatch the action on Khronos Youtube channel.

There were also several BOF sessions at the show on OpenVX, NNEF, OpenCL, SYCL, COLLADA, glTF, WebGL, OpenXR, Vulkan, OpenGL, and OpenGL ES and it was awesome to see over 600 participants across them.

See more photos and video from the education sessions and our attendance at SIGGRAPH 2017 in the Khronos Developer Library.

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