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OpenXR Adopters Program Launched and Conformance Tests Open Sourced!

OpenXR ™ is the Khronos Group’s royalty-free, open standard for high-performance access to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)—collectively known as XR—platforms and devices. In a significant step in OpenXR’s rollout across the industry, the Working Group has released its Conformance Test Suite, published the tests as Apache 2.0-licensed open source software on GitHub , and launched the OpenXR 1.0 Adopters Program so that implementations can be officially conformant for the first time.

Conformance tests are critical to any interoperability standard. The Working Group has put tremendous effort into this release of the test suite to ensure OpenXR is a reliable cross-platform API. We will continue to evolve and refine the conformance suite; and, by opening our tests to the public, we are empowering the community to aid in this effort. OpenXR implementers are encouraged to use the open source tests to accelerate their platform development, and consider contributing their own tests to help further reduce cross-vendor variability for the benefit of all.

OpenXR Conformance Tests and Adopters Program

Any OpenXR implementer, Khronos member or not, is now welcome to become an OpenXR Adopter and submit conformance test results for Working Group review and approval. If their implementation is approved as conformant, they will be able to use the OpenXR trademark on their implementation, and gain patent protection under the Khronos Intellectual Property Framework .

With the release of the conformance tests and official launch of the Adopters Program, the OpenXR working group is enabling a wave of conformant OpenXR implementations to be deployed across the industry!