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OLV Joins Khronos and the 3D Commerce Working Group

OLV, a visualization company and developer of product configuration tools, joins Khronos to contribute to 3D Commerce and Product Configuration.

OLV builds tools and content that help visualize things before they can be touched. Our array of tools help Microsoft Retail to collaborate on the London flagship store from across the globe, a baseball player to customize his own Official Helmet and Glove of Major League Baseball®, and a varsity volleyball team to design their next uniform from Mizuno.

We recognize that Khronos and its members are playing instrumental roles in advancements of 3D visualization technology that we utilize in these tools today. More so, we share Khronos' mission to promote the use of visually realistic 3D content in online retail and are particularly passionate about product configuration. Therefore, we are excited to be joining the 3D Commerce Working Group and to collaborate with other members in aligning the industry for streamlined 3D content creation, management, and display in online retail.

The need for 3D configuration and visualization is becoming ever more important in the market, as stated by Kit Smith, Technical Director over eCommerce and Product Configuration at Rawlings:

“As the Official Glove, Ball and Helmet of Major League Baseball®, Rawlings is committed to providing players at all levels the best equipment in the game. Offering players the ability to customize their uniform, glove and batting helmet to match the same quality and technology the pros use is crucial in a marketplace where players increasingly want to express their personality. It is critical that we provide user experiences where our products are presented in the most realistic manner from the grain of the leather to the shine on the helmet, so that players are confident that the product on screen matches the product that will be delivered to their doorstep.”

We built our first product configurators a decade ago when 3D on the web was not yet a practical option. Since then it has become ubiquitous, making it so much easier for us to deliver believable visualizations and pleasing experiences to our clients across desktop, mobile and XR. We strive to address the increasing need for 3D visualization accuracy and configurability and are always seeking how to build upon new advancements in the market. This is echoed by our clients:

“OLV has been a long-standing partner with Rawlings to bring custom product experience to life for all athletes whether at home, in retail or on their mobile device. As we have continued our partnership with OLV, they have continually met and exceeded our demands to push technical boundaries, especially in the realm of 3D visualization, as evidenced by our introduction of the new Rawlings helmet builder. We look forward to working with OLV to continue to innovate in this rapidly changing landscape so that we can deliver delightful user experiences to athletes of all levels.”

We are confident that our involvement in Khronos will help OLV become an even stronger partner for our clients and a more productive member of the 3D community.

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