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Khronos Group Showcases Standards at Supercomputing

Khronos at SC17

Supercomputing is underway in Denver, Colorado! The 30th annual conference is this week from November 13 through 16, and explores high-performance computing, networking, storage, and analysis.

Khronos Booth #394

Khronos will be at the show to demonstrate how Khronos standards, especially SYCL, are playing their parts in HPC today. In addition to in-booth demos and presentations from Khronos members Codeplay and Xilinx, we’re giving away HPC t-shirts as well as SYCL and OpenCL stickers and reference guides at the booth. And, join us for a beer in the booth on Wednesday starting at 4 p.m., courtesy of Xilinix — served while it lasts


Come to the Exhibitor Forum on Tuesday, November 14 from 4:30 to 5 p.m.Khronos SYCL: Tomorrow’s Heterogeneous C++ and C Today, presented by SYCL working group chair Michael Wong, of Codeplay, and Ronan Keryell, of Xilinx, and member of the OpenCL and SYCL working groups. The discussion will  demonstrate how SYCL can be applied in heterogeneous computing today while aligning with the current and future C++ standard direction.

Michael Wong along with Hal Finkel from Argonne National Laboratory will also present on November 15 from 12:15 to 1:15 p.m. for a BOF discussion on Distributed and Heterogeneous Programming in C++ for HPC. The BOF will discuss research in this domain as well as how SYCL enables heterogeneous computing built on OpenCL and C++.

Other Ways to Catch Khronos Members

Aside from the Khronos Group booth, attending members can be found at their booths:

  • AMD, booth #825
  • ARM, booth #1781
  • Dell, booth #913
  • Fraunhofer, booth #2143
  • Google, booth #443
  • Hitachi, booth #819
  • Huawei, booth #425
  • Intel, booth #1203, #1301, #1319
  • Microsoft, booth #1501
  • NEC, booth #1517
  • NVIDIA, booth #1809
  • Redhat, booth #1763
  • Xilinx, booth #681

Stop by the Khronos booth #394 for an opportunity to meet some members of the working groups, ask them technical questions about Khronos and its standards: SYCL, OpenCL and more. For the full list of demos and presentations happening at the Khronos booth, read more here.