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Free Webinar and Educational Resources to Help You Get Started with OpenVX

Learn how to optimize vision and inferencing performance, portability, and memory usage

OpenVX™ is an open, royalty-free acceleration API for portable, power efficient computer vision processing and machine learning inferencing. The OpenVX Working Group at Khronos has updated and expanded its collection of free educational resources to help developers come quickly up to speed on best practices for implementing and using OpenVX.

For example, the open source OpenVX Sample Implementation can be a great starting point for companies implementing an OpenVX driver for their silicon, and the OpenVX 1.3 Reference Guide can be an invaluable OpenVX programming companion for developers of all skill levels!

We welcome feedback, questions and suggestions as we continue to evolve new educational resources to make OpenVX more accessible to developers. If you have any requests or suggestions on topics to cover or resources to be developed, please go here to let us know what you think - we look forward to hearing from you!

Khronos will hosted a free OpenVX webinar on October 14th. Click here to access the presentation and video. It will:

  • Introduce the significant new features in OpenVX 1.3
  • Describe how these features are being leveraged by OpenVX adopters
  • Answer common questions about OpenVX
  • Show how OpenVX uniquely enables both driver optimization and extensibility
  • Analyze a complete application to learn about real-world performance, and memory footprint advantages of using OpenVX
  • Comparison between OpenVX and OpenCV

We invite you to register and attend here.

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OpenVX Educational Resources