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Experts Wanted: Khronos Safety Critical Advisory Forum

Khronos™ creates royalty-free open standards that deliver on the promise of cross-platform technology across many different industries. Khronos standards are used in many of the devices that you interact with every day, such as your computer, your smartphone, and so much more.

One industry seeing much expansion is artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles, leading to considerable media attention and consumer expectation. But as more control over vehicles is handed to AI and other systems, technological advances in this area are accompanied by a growing need for safety and data security. Just as in the avionics and medical domains, those concerns are eased by adopting industry safety standards to bolster design best practices.

Most of the standards that Khronos has produced have been conceived and developed for media-oriented devices or the creation of content for media. These open standards have been extremely successful in their domains, and have allowed developers to harness the compute and graphics power of unique hardware while writing software compatible across many hardware platforms. This portability makes software development more cost-efficient, sometimes significantly. This formula for success is being more readily adopted by industries in the safety-critical domain where Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) technology for cars is driving demand for data compute and vision systems required by the automotive industry and end-users.

Safety is Key

As devices take on a more autonomous role in human lives, controlling and ensuring the safety of those devices becomes increasingly important. The automotive industry and other safety-critical domains are gravitating toward adopting open standards to gain maneuverability in their development processes; however, they may only consider the use of those standards which adhere to the rigorous and strict functional safety guidelines to which their products and industries are held. 

Khronos recognizes that it must supplement its combined wealth of graphic and data compute expertise with functional safety experts to develop the best possible standards, to increase adoption, and to grow the market for its open standards for the safety critical domain. As a result, Khronos is looking for hardware SoC designers, software developers with safety critical experience, others with expertise in various safety critical domains, and cybersecurity experts to join the Khronos Safety Critical Advisory Forum.

The forum is also reaching out to organisations like AESIN ( an organisation representing for the Automotive Electronics Industry in the UK with the aim to cooperate on common interests and to reduce safety concerns in the future. Another collaboration example is the forum liaising with the MISRA C++ working group, a respected and important software quality standard used within the automotive industry, with the aim to ensure Khronos safety critical standards are compatible with future MISRA code standards.

By contributing your expertise and guidance to Khronos’ safety-critical work, you will enable Khronos and its API designers to deliver safety-critical APIs that are security hardened and ready to use in the development of software for a safer autonomous world. Contributing to Khronos not only benefits yourself as a user, it works as part of a larger contribution to the industry and the world.

“Khronos continues to grow, bringing open standards to multiple platforms, many of which are increasingly being used in safety critical demanding environments. Khronos realises to keep pace with the new markets its open standards need to be relevant to the new demands and opportunities in those industries. Khronos is listening and this forum is a great platform to allow experts from those industries to join with others to have a voice and advise how the standard can be made compatible with their safety demands.” said Illya Rudkin, chair of the Khronos Safety Critical Advisory Forum. “The forum will play an important part in helping to shape standards that could impact the industry for many years to come.”

For more about advisory forum and to request to join, visit the Khronos Safety Critical Advisory Forum landing page.