Embedded Vision Summit Khronos OpenVX Workshop for Neural Network Acceleration

Don’t miss this year’s OpenVX Workshop at Embedded Vision Summit. Khronos will present a day-long hands-on workshop all about OpenVX cross-platform neural network acceleration API for embedded vision applications. We’ve developed a new curriculum so even if you attended in past years, this is a do-not-miss, jam-packed tutorial with new information on computer vision algorithms for feature tracking and neural networks mapped to the graph API. We’ll be doing a hands-on practice session that gives participants a chance to solve real computer vision problems using OpenVX with the folks who created the API. We’ll also be talking about the OpenVX roadmap and what’s to come.

Vision processing will be a vital component of many emerging safety critical market opportunities including Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), autonomous vehicles and medical and process-control applications. This tutorial will also provide an intro to OpenVX SC, a modification of OpenVX specification targeted for safety critical applications, to address the unique and stringent requirements of these high reliability markets.

Khronos OpenVX Shirt

The workshop is Wednesday, May 3 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at Embedded Vision Summit. Registration includes a free OpenVX T-shirt for the first 25 people to register, so register today!

OpenVX abstracts a vision processing execution and memory model at a much higher level than general compute frameworks such as OpenCL, enabling significant implementation innovation and efficient execution on a wide range of architectures, while maintaining performance portability and a consistent vision acceleration API for application development. The flexibility of OpenVX enables applications on a diverse range of systems optimized for different levels of power and performance, including very battery-sensitive, vision-enabled, and wearable displays.



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