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Blog Authoring Now Open to the Khronos Community

Khronos Blog

New things are always in the pipeline for Khronos, and we want to share the news. We’re rejuvenating the Khronos Blog, with regular blog posts about what we’re doing, what’s happening in our community, and insight from our members. We will have more regular postings from our members and working group chairs, and we’re also opening a call for guest posts from anyone who would like to contribute to the conversation! We want to hear from you; what you see as important in the industry, developments, trends, tips, and new practices from your perspective.

We’re accepting blog posts on topics applicable to Khronos technologies, events, updates or applications. We ask that topics remain generally brand-agnostic and have the goal to inform .

The suggested structure of the blog post is to start with a brief introduction about what you’re going to discuss, then go into depth about your topic. Blog posts should be no longer than 800 words -- targeting between 400 and 600 words is good. The blog can have a casual tone; it should be easy to read and not too formal. Be sure to include your byline information: your name, and your company name. Feel free to add bullets or break portions into sub-topics with headlines to help illustrate your point. Include a call to action at the end, either to connect with the Khronos community to learn or share more, to check out a third-party resource (such as a white paper or video), or to invite a conversation in the blog’s comments.

If you can, include relevant images to support your discussion. These could be a graph, illustration, product image, company logo, or stock photo that is free for commercial use. If you have a great idea for a blog post but you don’t have a graphic, let us know what you suggest and we’ll try to help come up with an image to accompany your post.

Blog posts are subject to review, edits, and approval from the Khronos marketing group. If you’d like to contribute a blog post, start by coming up with your topic and sharing it with us at [email protected]. Share a short abstract for your topic, or a whitepaper or other material that you’d like to use in the blog post, and we will let you know if it’s a good fit. 

When the post is approved we will provide you with a posting date. Once it’s up, feel free to share on LinkedIn and your favorite other social media outlets - and we will too! If you Tweet, be sure to mention @TheKhronosGroup.

Visit our website and visit our blog to see samples of posts and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on everything Khronos-related. We look forward to hearing from you!