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Autodesk joins The Khronos Group; glTF gains momentum

Big news! 3D software developer, Autodesk has joined the Khronos Group. Autodesk is an industry-leading provider of 3D design, engineering and entertainment software, that joined the 3D Formats Working Group to support the Khronos glTF file format and the 3D Commerce Exploratory Group, a group of companies exploring standards and guidelines for the production and distribution of real-time 3D representations of products. glTF is an open standard for efficient and reliable encapsulation and transmission of 3D assets and scenes, including PBR materials and animations.

Autodesk is committed to accelerating the adoption of open standards as industry-wide collaboration is critical to improving our customers’ workflows and advancing computer graphics technology,” said Henrik Edstrom, senior software architect, Graphics Technology at Autodesk. “As the need for interoperability and consistency between applications and across platforms becomes increasingly important, we see great value in open data formats like glTF. There is also more demand for richer experiences on web, mobile, and XR platforms, and new opportunities in areas such as general compute and real-time ray tracing. We’re excited to be part of the Khronos group and the evolution of computer graphics.

Autodesk makes software for people who make things. If you’ve ever driven a high-performance car, admired a towering skyscraper, used a smartphone, or watched a great film, chances are you’ve experienced what millions of Autodesk customers are doing with its software. Autodesk became best known for AutoCAD, and now develops a broad range of software for architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, education, and entertainment industries—and a line of software for consumers, including Sketchbook. The manufacturing industry uses Autodesk's digital prototyping software—including Autodesk Inventor, Fusion 360, and the Autodesk Product Design Suite—to visualize, simulate, and analyze real-world performance using a digital model during the design process.

We are delighted that Autodesk has joined Khronos. A company of Autodesk’s stature can be enormously influential in creating and promoting open standards, such as glTF, for the good of the entire 3D industry,” said Neil Trevett, president of the Khronos Group.

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