Khronos Safety Critical Advisory Forum (KSCAF) Overview


Safety & Security APIs

The Khronos® Safety Critical Advisory Forum (KSCAF) is looking for safety critical experts from a wide range of disciplines like medicine, automotive, avionics, rail, etc., who have experience developing software to specific safety standards. KSCAF is also looking for expertise from Safety Critical (SC) System on Chip (SoC) developers up through the software stack to help show developers within Khronos the contexts in which their APIs might be used and the safety standards and processes that may be applied to their API and tools.

KSCAF was formed from the experience of creating the new OpenGL SC 2.0 API in 2016.

Khronos expects that several additional Khronos working groups, including Vulkan®, OpenCL™ and OpenVX™ will adopt the safety critical guidelines when designing future APIs that will enable similar levels of certification.

Markets such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), autonomous vehicles, robotics, and avionics increasingly need advanced acceleration APIs that are designed to provide reliable operation and enable system safety certification. KSCAF works to create guidelines for the design of safety critical graphics, compute, and vision-processing APIs in these industries. KSCAF is open to Khronos members and invited industry experts, and the resulting safety critical guidelines will be openly published and adopted as part of Khronos’ proven API design process.

We need contributions from many safety domains to be able provide balanced and compatible development guidelines and ultimately compatible SC APIs.


Khronos Invites Industry Experts to Participate

Experienced practitioners in the field of safety critical system design are invited to apply for Khronos Safety Critical Advisory Forum membership by sending an email to

Please include your contact information, a short history of your experience, and how you feel you could help us set the future direction of safety critical APIs.