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Khronos Advisors

Khronos understands that to best meet the needs of the industry, standards should incorporate the requirements and feedback from industry experts. Consequently, Khronos has established Advisory Panels to enable interaction between invited Advisors and selected Khronos Working Groups to gather requirements and draft specification feedback.

Khronos Advisory Panels are “invitation only,” and establish a bi-directional communication channel between a Khronos Working Group and its associated Advisory Panel through which requirements can be gathered and Khronos draft materials can be provided for feedback. Khronos Advisory Panels even enable Advisors - if they wish - to define and refine conformance test source code so implementers of Khronos specifications comply with the features which matter most to their applications. There is no cost to Advisors to join an Advisory Panel.

The companies/institutes to which Advisors belong are warmly invited to become Khronos Members at any time so that they may enjoy full, real-time interactions with the working group, electronically and at regular face to face meetings, have a voice in the specification development process, and leverage networking and marketing opportunities that often more than pay for the Membership fee.

Current Advisory Panels include: