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Accommodating People

Our approach to accessibility and accommodations is to work to ensure that our spaces are safe and welcoming to everybody. Accommodations we provide are not focused on just accessibility, instead aiming beyond that to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable in any space we provide.

Every person is a complex individual with their own needs and struggles, and we aim to accommodate people, not labels.

Eligibility Criteria

Khronos is committed to providing accommodations for all members and event participants with as little friction as possible.

Private Information

If you request an accommodation you will never be asked to disclose private information about why you need it.

The only information we will ever request will be in terms of ensuring we get the details right. For example, if you request a sign language interpreter, we’ll make sure they’re signing in the right language, and that they are present for all the meetings you need them for.

Automatic Accommodations

We maintain a (non-exhaustive) list of accommodations that we have experience with providing, to give you a baseline of what to expect when entering a Khronos Group space. As this list is still a work in progress, it is not yet publicly available, but we will update this document to link to it as soon as it is. Many items on this list will not need to be requested - we will provide them without anyone requesting them in advance, and several others can be provided on the spot or with advance notice.

Accommodations not on the approved list can still be provided with minimal friction, unless they meet one of our Reasons to Decline Accommodations. For physical events, Khronos Staff are able to provide simple accommodations that aren’t on the approved list by using discretionary funds up to $10 per day per person (or equivalent in local currency) without further approval. Accommodations that are complex or more costly will need further approval by Khronos Executive Officers.

Reasons to Decline Accommodations

Reasons we’d decline a particular accommodation will never have anything to do with personal circumstance. However, we may decline for one of the following reasons:

  • Providing the specific accommodation requested is logistically impractical (e.g. too little notice, significant unforeseen cost).
  • The request would provide an advantage to some at the expense of more disadvantaged people.

If we decline, we will commit to considering if and how we’d be able to meet either that accommodation or a reasonable alternative in the future, potentially adding it to the approved list.

In all cases where we decline, reasons will be given to the requestor, and an attempt will be made to find alternative arrangements where possible.