3D Commerce Viewer Certification Program

3D Viewers are software engines that enable users to display and interact with 3D models and scenes. Viewers used in 3D Commerce are built by both retailers and non-retailers and they are sometimes open sourced. 3D Commerce viewers are used by retailers, social media sites and brands to create a wide variety of 3D end-user experiences—on the Web, in social media, on ad platforms, and in native applications.

The Khronos 3D Commerce Viewer Certification Program enables any company to demonstrate that their viewer is capable of accurately displaying 3D Products that have been created using the 3D Commerce asset creation guidelines—a vital marketing tool when Web retailers, social and ad platforms, and manufacturers are seeking viewer technology to create rich and consistent end-user experiences across multiple platforms.

Viewer certification also provides assurance to content creators that their carefully designed assets will be consistently and accurately displayed.

Khronos manages a straightforward and accessible online Viewer Certification Program that is open to any company. Viewers that are successfully certified are listed on a public Registry of Certified Viewers, and can use the Khronos 3D Commerce Certified logo. Khronos charges a modest annual subscription fee (to cover its costs) which covers any number of viewer certification submissions over a 12-month period. There is no requirement to be a Khronos member to become certified, and program fees may be waived for any bona-fide, non-commercial, open-source viewer projects.

Certification Process

To become Certified, Certificants download a set of glTF models, together with instructions on how the viewer should render them to create a set of test images. These images are uploaded a Submission Portal where they are reviewed by the 3D Commerce Working Group within 30 days.

Khronos makes all Certification Program materials freely available for use and review prior to making submissions. The 3D Certification GitHub Site contains a complete set of Program Documentation, including how to generate test images, and the glTF test models.

Certificants that are ready to make a submission sign the Khronos Certification Program Agreement and submit payment of the annual subscription fee following instructions on the agreement front page. Once both are received, Certificants are provided access to the Submission Portal to upload their test images for working group review. If the review is successful, the Viewer is officially certified. Full details are set out in the Certification Program document.