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Automatic Creation of glTF with Quality Materials

At the start of the year Khronos Group member migenius began introducing glTF 2.0 related features to RealityServer, beginning with support for importing glTF content with their PBR materials. Paul Arden, CEO of migenius has now written about the export half of the glTF equation for RealityServer. migenius plans to continue improving both the import and the export features. Paul invites you to share your ideas on what you’d like to see next.

JX3 is the first Vulkan game in China to support ray tracing

At GTC CHINA – taking place December 16-19 at Suzhou Jinji Lake International Conference Center – Henrik Li from NVIDIA, and Ming Dong from Kingsoft, will explain how JX3 Online is using ray tracing for the first time to deliver a top-tier visual experience. In advance of their GTC China talk, NVIDIA talked to Kingsoft Seasun about the project. In connection to Vulkan, NVIDIA asked “JX3 is the first Vulkan game to support ray tracing. Why did your team decide to make this graphical jump?” Kingsoft said they hope to implement cross-platform through Vulkan, and at the same time, they can do ray tracing development on Vulkan. Read the complete transcript from the interview here.


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