IWOCL: Developer Feedback Session on Khronos OpenCL, SYCL and SPIR-V - May 12-13 2015

IWOCL: Developer Feedback Session on Khronos OpenCL, SYCL and SPIR-V - May 12-13 2015

This >a href="http://www.iwocl.org/conf-2015/the-future-of-heterogeneous-compute-apis-a-developer-feedback-session-on-khronos-opencl-sycl-and-spir-v/">special FREE to attend IWOCL 2015 session will kick-off with a technical presentation of the new features of OpenCL 2.1 followed by a developer feedback session covering OpenCL 2.1, SYCL and SPIR-V. This session provides developers with an opportunity help drive future development of the OpenCL related APIs. During the session you will have the opportunity to provide your feedback to key members of the Khronos specification working groups, fellow developers and a select group of OpenCL vendors.    Read More

The 3D Web Fest to Feature Live Presentations of Interactive Web Experiences

The 3D Web Fest is coming to San Francisco on May 13th, bringing together designers, artists, developers and technologists to celebrate the best of the 3D web. The lineup of artists and producers will feature work from leading creative coders in the field including Isaac Cohen, Mate Steinforth, Weidong Yang, and many others, which will be shown during live screening presentations. The 3D Web Fest’s web-based project showcase offers up a compelling blend of art and technology, exhibiting what’s possible with the advent of 3D Web in a film festival format and club atmosphere. Tickets are now available.   Read More

OpenCL: The Hardware Evolution and the Software Revolution, Seminar in Toronto

AJ Guillon will be presenting the upcoming Fields Institute Working Lunch Seminar on OpenCL this April 28th 2015. This talk will motivate the OpenCL standard and present its opportunities and challenges. A survey of performance gains and energy savings will be provided so that the potential of the parallel heterogeneous compute era can be understood. The recent announcements from Khronos at GDC 2015, including Vulkan and OpenCL 2.1, will be echoed. AJ Guillon is a Khronos member and actively contributed to the new OpenCL C++ kernel language, provisionally released as part of OpenCL 2.1. In order to attend, you must register by April 26th.   Read More

IWOCL 2015 OpenCL Developer Advanced Tutorial

IWOCL 2015 OpenCL Developer Advanced Tutorial

The organisers of IWOCL, the International Workshop on OpenCL, announced that AMD and HP have sponsored the Advanced Hands-On OpenCL Tutorial that will kick-off IWOCL 2015. The tutorial, which will focus on advanced OpenCL concepts, is an extension of the highly successful 'Hands on OpenCL' course which has received over 3,000 downloads. Simon McIntosh-Smith, Senior Lecturer in High Performance Computing and Architectures at the University of Bristol and one of the authors of the original open-source course will lead the tutorial. The full-day Advanced Hands-On OpenCL tutorial takes place on Monday 11th May at the Li Ka Shing Center, Stanford University. Registration is $145. For additional information visit the official website.   Read More

Red Hat joins The Khronos Group

Red Hat's Christian Schaller posted a blog entry announcing their Khronos Membership. "The reason we are joining is because of all the important changes that are happening in Graphics and GPU compute these days and our wish to have more direct input of the direction of some of these technologies" wrote Christian.    Read More

High-performance Visualisation Using OpenGL/WebGL at International Symposium in Australia

Dr Tomasz Bednarz currently works as a Principal Research Fellow at the QUT Science and Engineering Faculty, and finds time to run the Brisbane GPU Meet-up group and the Khronos Brisbane Chapter. Tomasz will be giving a workshop on High-performance Visualisation Using OpenGL/WebGL. This workshop will provide introduction to OpenGL and will include introductions and hands-on exercises to basic concepts of hardware rendered graphics, shader language and WebGL. Short introductions to OpenCL and new Vulkan APIs will be also showcased.   Read More

The Future of Heterogeneous Compute APIs: A Developer Feedback Session on Khronos #OpenCL, #SYCL, #SPIR-V ow.ly/Me59q May 12th
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#OpenCL Eases Development of Computer Vision Software for Heterogeneous Processors ow.ly/Mi4Nt Free registration required
#3DWebFest submissions are in & we’ve got a great lineup of presos. Buy tickets for the 5/13 SF event via: bit.ly/1DFlFOc #WebGL
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Movidius Raises $40 Million in Funding to Accelerate Adoption of Visual Sensing in the IoT ow.ly/Me5pK
The Future of Heterogeneous Compute APIs: A Developer Feedback Session on Khronos #OpenCL, #SYCL and #SPIR-V ow.ly/Me50c May 12
AJ Guillon's #OpenCL: The Hardware Evolution and the Software Revolution - Live stream at 12 noon ET fields.utoronto.ca/live