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StretchSense is a leading innovator in professional motion capture solutions, revolutionizing the way we interact with the metaverse. The MoCap Pro Glove and Hand Engine software seamlessly integrate our proprietary wearable stretch sensors with advanced machine learning. Our latest breakthrough product, the StretchSense Reality Glove, is designed to propel users into an unparalleled immersive and transformative extended reality experience. StretchSense is redefining the boundaries of extended reality and unlocking the full potential of human-computer interaction.

By seeing the world from ever new perspectives and giving vivid shape to ideals, Canon hones its imaging technology and offers new perspectives to society. With the dramatic changes occurring in the world today, imaging technology presents endless possibilities. While continuing to evolve and assume vital roles in fields ranging from medical care to security, commercial printing and industrial equipment, Canon will strive to reinvent itself and work to expand the possibilities of people and society.

The SYCL 2020 Reference Guide project aims to improve the SYCL developer ecosystem by providing a more usable version of the SYCL specification. An online searchable reference is needed, along the lines of, through which developers can rapidly find relevant material in top ranked web searches or browsing.

Submit your bid by Monday, June 12, 2023!

On April 27, 2023 the Vulkan® Ray Tracing TSG released the VK_KHR_ray_tracing_position_fetch extension, which exposes the ability to fetch vertex positions from an acceleration structure hit when tracing rays. The SPIR-V SPV_KHR_ray_tracing_position_fetch and GLSL GL_EXT_ray_tracing_position_fetch extensions have also been released to provide SPIR-V and GLSL support for this functionality.

The position of scene geometry is provided to ray tracing acceleration structures at build time and they include a derived form of the positions to enable efficient ray tracing and queries. Applications frequently require the position or a derived attribute of a triangle on a hit. For example, the geometric normal of the hit can be used as a biased ray origin for shadow rays in path tracers to prevent self intersection. The Ray Tracing Position Fetch extension enables direct retrieval of position and attribute information to avoid duplication of geometry data storage.

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