Khronos Releases Standardized Data Format Specification

The Khronos Group today announced the ratification and public release of the Khronos Data Format Specification 1.0. This new standard provides precise mechanisms to generate machine-readable format descriptions of repetitive data, such as pixels, enabling standards and software to cleanly communicate and interoperate. This royalty-free specification will be used across multiple Khronos API initiatives, and is open to be used by third party standards and applications.   Read More

Khronos Group BOF Schedule and related events now online

Khronos Group BOF Schedule and related events now online

The Khronos Group SIGGRAPH schedule has been posted online. This year Khronos brings four BOFs to the BOF Blitz, a Chapter meetup and a course a party! Khronos is celebrating it's 15th Anniversary this year, and what a year it's turning out to be. BOFs include OpenVX & OpenCL, OpenCL, SYCL & SPIR-V, WebGL and glTF and Vulkan, OpenGL, OpenGL ES.    Read More

Customizing of 3D Paper Models Using WebGL

Four years ago we presented a prototype for creating custom 3D paper models using OpenGL. This time we present a new version developed using WebGL. Besides several options to custom the paper model like surface color, edge color and thickness, or images used as stickers, the user can also make new models using a simple revolution surface editor. This prototype still follows a client-server model. The server starts to work when the user requests the PDF file, computing a high quality paper model using OpenGL for multisampling, texture filtering and off-screen rendering.   Read More

Win a book at the WebGL Trivia Challenge @ #SIGGRAPH after the #WebGL BOF. Info at
Khronos Releases Standardized Data Format Specification 1.0
Khronos Releases Standardized Data Format Specification
Amazing how many Khronos related workshops, talks, presentations, BOFs at SIGGRAPH this year. Check em all out
Win a book at the #WebGL Trivia Challenge @ SIGGRAPH after the WebGL BOF. Info at
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