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TurboSquid updated StemCell with glTF support in 2018, following Microsoft’s use of the format for their ‘3D For Everyone’ initiative. Microsoft’s embrace of glTF has extended to its Hololens program, making glTF a standard format for use in AR/VR and other immersive content. StemCell, meanwhile, gives content creators a specification for building content to ensure it will work well in their marketplace but the broadening use of glTF means the models will work on other sites supporting glTF. TurboSquid is also part of the Khronos 3D Commerce Initiative, which is a coalition of companies including Target, Google, Adobe, Ikea, and many others that are working together on glTF for online commerce.

3D Tiles is widely accepted by companies in the geospatial industry. Support for glTF and WebGL means that applications using 3D Tiles can be accessed in all browsers. The reliance on accepted standards means that developers have access to a wealth of open source resources.

Mozilla posts WebGL best practices

WebGL is a complicated API, and it’s often not obvious what the recommended ways to use it are. The new Mozilla page tackles recommendations across the spectrum of expertise, and not only highlights dos and don’ts, but also details why. You can rely on this document to guide your choice of approach, and ensure you’re on the right track no matter what browser or hardware your users run.

 NVIDIA Announces Nsight Graphics 2020.2 with expanded Vulkan Support

Nsight Graphics 2020.2 is now available for download. A number of features have been added that dramatically expand the functionality of the tools in relation to Vulkan. By popular demand, GPU Trace can now profile Vulkan based applications! When profiling applications using Vulkan, it’s possible to get primary and secondary command buffer timings, as well as barriers, synchronization objects and user markers correlated to the GPU unit utilization and throughput metrics.


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