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Memory is bound to opaque regions of VkImage objects created with the VK_IMAGE_CREATE_SPARSE_BINDING_BIT flag using the following structure:

typedef struct VkSparseImageOpaqueMemoryBindInfo {
    VkImage                      image;
    uint32_t                     bindCount;
    const VkSparseMemoryBind*    pBinds;
} VkSparseImageOpaqueMemoryBindInfo;


  • image is the VkImage object to be bound.

  • bindCount is the number of VkSparseMemoryBind structures in the pBinds array.

  • pBinds is a pointer to array of VkSparseMemoryBind structures.


Valid Usage
  • If the flags member of any element of pBinds contains VK_SPARSE_MEMORY_BIND_METADATA_BIT, the binding range defined must be within the mip tail region of the metadata aspect of image

Valid Usage (Implicit)
  • image must be a valid VkImage handle

  • pBinds must be a valid pointer to an array of bindCount valid VkSparseMemoryBind structures

  • bindCount must be greater than 0

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