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Possible values of VkSemaphoreTypeCreateInfoKHR::semaphoreType, specifying the type of a semaphore, are:

typedef enum VkSemaphoreTypeKHR {
} VkSemaphoreTypeKHR;


  • VK_SEMAPHORE_TYPE_BINARY_KHR specifies a binary semaphore type that has a boolean payload indicating whether the semaphore is currently signaled or unsignaled. When created, the semaphore is in the unsignaled state.

  • VK_SEMAPHORE_TYPE_TIMELINE_KHR specifies a timeline semaphore type that has a monotonically increasing 64-bit unsigned integer payload indicating whether the semaphore is signaled with respect to a particular reference value. When created, the semaphore payload has the value given by the initialValue field of VkSemaphoreTypeCreateInfoKHR.

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