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XrResult xrPathToString(
    XrInstance                                  instance,
    XrPath                                      path,
    uint32_t                                    bufferCapacityInput,
    uint32_t*                                   bufferCountOutput,
    char*                                       buffer);


Parameter Descriptions
  • instance is an instance previously created.

  • path is the valid XrPath value to retrieve the path string for.

  • bufferCapacityInput is the capacity of the buffer, or 0 to indicate a request to retrieve the required capacity.

  • bufferCountOutput is a pointer to the count of characters written (including the terminating '\0'), or a pointer to the required capacity in the case that bufferCapacityInput is 0.

  • buffer is a pointer to an application-allocated buffer that will be filled with the semantic path string. It can be NULL if bufferCapacityInput is 0.

  • See Buffer Size Parameters chapter for a detailed description of retrieving the required buffer size.


xrPathToString retrieves the path name string associated with an XrPath, in the context of a given XrInstance, in the form of a NULL terminated string placed into a caller-allocated buffer. Since the mapping between a well-formed path name string and an XrPath is bijective, there will always be exactly one string for each valid XrPath value. This can be useful if the calling application receives an XrPath value that they had not previously retrieved via xrStringToPath. During the lifetime of the given XrInstance, the path name string retrieved by this function for a given valid XrPath will not change. For invalid paths, including XR_NULL_PATH, XR_ERROR_PATH_INVALID must be returned.

Valid Usage (Implicit)
  • instance must be a valid XrInstance handle

  • bufferCountOutput must be a pointer to a uint32_t value

  • If bufferCapacityInput is not 0, buffer must be a pointer to an array of bufferCapacityInput char values

Return Codes
On success, this command returns

On failure, this command returns






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