C Specification

The XrViewLocateInfo structure is defined as:

typedef struct XrViewLocateInfo {
    XrStructureType            type;
    const void*                next;
    XrViewConfigurationType    viewConfigurationType;
    XrTime                     displayTime;
    XrSpace                    space;
} XrViewLocateInfo;


Member Descriptions
  • viewConfigurationType is XrViewConfigurationType to query for.

  • displayTime is the time for which the view poses are predicted.

  • space is the XrSpace in which the pose in each XrView is expressed.


The XrViewLocateInfo structure contains the display time and space used to locate the view XrView structures.

The runtime must return error XR_ERROR_VIEW_CONFIGURATION_TYPE_UNSUPPORTED if the given viewConfigurationType is not one of the supported type reported by xrEnumerateViewConfigurations.

Valid Usage (Implicit)

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