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The createFlags are a combination of the following:

// Flag bits for XrSwapchainCreateFlags
static const XrSwapchainCreateFlags XR_SWAPCHAIN_CREATE_PROTECTED_CONTENT_BIT = 0x00000001;
static const XrSwapchainCreateFlags XR_SWAPCHAIN_CREATE_STATIC_IMAGE_BIT = 0x00000002;


Flag Descriptions
  • XR_SWAPCHAIN_CREATE_PROTECTED_CONTENT_BIT indicates that the swapchain’s images will be protected from CPU access, using a mechanism such as Vulkan protected memory.

  • XR_SWAPCHAIN_CREATE_STATIC_IMAGE_BIT indicates that the application will acquire and release only one image to this swapchain over its entire lifetime. The runtime must allocate only one swapchain image.

A runtime may implement any of these, but is not required to. A runtime must return XR_ERROR_FEATURE_UNSUPPORTED from xrCreateSwapchain if an XrSwapchainCreateFlags bit is requested but not implemented.

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