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Specify additional state change behavior.

// Flag bits for XrPassthroughStateChangedFlagsFB
static const XrPassthroughStateChangedFlagsFB XR_PASSTHROUGH_STATE_CHANGED_REINIT_REQUIRED_BIT_FB = 0x00000001;
static const XrPassthroughStateChangedFlagsFB XR_PASSTHROUGH_STATE_CHANGED_NON_RECOVERABLE_ERROR_BIT_FB = 0x00000002;
static const XrPassthroughStateChangedFlagsFB XR_PASSTHROUGH_STATE_CHANGED_RECOVERABLE_ERROR_BIT_FB = 0x00000004;
static const XrPassthroughStateChangedFlagsFB XR_PASSTHROUGH_STATE_CHANGED_RESTORED_ERROR_BIT_FB = 0x00000008;


Flag Descriptions
  • XR_PASSTHROUGH_STATE_CHANGED_REINIT_REQUIRED_BIT_FB — Passthrough system requires reinitialization.

  • XR_PASSTHROUGH_STATE_CHANGED_NON_RECOVERABLE_ERROR_BIT_FB — Non-recoverable error has occurred. A device reboot or a firmware update may be required.

  • XR_PASSTHROUGH_STATE_CHANGED_RECOVERABLE_ERROR_BIT_FB — A recoverable error has occurred. The runtime will attempt to recover, but some functionality may be temporarily unavailable.

  • XR_PASSTHROUGH_STATE_CHANGED_RESTORED_ERROR_BIT_FB — The runtime has recovered from a previous error and is functioning normally.

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