C Specification

The XrKeyboardTrackingDescriptionFB structure is defined as:

typedef struct XrKeyboardTrackingDescriptionFB {
    uint64_t                     trackedKeyboardId;
    XrVector3f                   size;
    XrKeyboardTrackingFlagsFB    flags;
    char                         name[XR_MAX_KEYBOARD_TRACKING_NAME_SIZE_FB];
} XrKeyboardTrackingDescriptionFB;


Member Descriptions
  • trackedKeyboardId abstract identifier describing the type of keyboard.

  • size bounding box.

  • flags additional information on the type of keyboard available. If XR_KEYBOARD_TRACKING_EXISTS_BIT_FB is not set there is no keyboard.

  • name human readable keyboard identifier.


XrKeyboardTrackingDescriptionFB describes a trackable keyboard and its associated metadata.

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