C Specification

The XrHolographicWindowAttachmentMSFT structure is defined as:

typedef struct XrHolographicWindowAttachmentMSFT {
    XrStructureType    type;
    const void*        next;
    IUnknown*          holographicSpace;
    IUnknown*          coreWindow;
} XrHolographicWindowAttachmentMSFT;


Member Descriptions
  • type is the XrStructureType of this structure.

  • next is NULL or a pointer to the next structure in a structure chain. No such structures are defined in core OpenXR or this extension.

  • holographicSpace is a pointer to a valid Windows.Graphics.Holographic.HolographicSpace.

  • coreWindow is a pointer to a valid Windows.UI.Core.CoreWindow.


When creating a holographic window-backed XrSession, the application provides a pointer to an XrHolographicWindowAttachmentMSFT in the next chain of the XrSessionCreateInfo.

The session state of a holographic window-backed XrSession will only reach XR_SESSION_STATE_VISIBLE when the provided CoreWindow is made visible. If the CoreWindow is for a secondary app view, the application must programmatically request to make the CoreWindow visible (e.g. with ApplicationViewSwitcher.TryShowAsStandaloneAsync or ApplicationViewSwitcher.SwitchAsync).

The app must not call xrCreateSession while the specified CoreWindow thread is blocked, otherwise the call may deadlock.

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