C Specification

// Flag bits for XrCompositionLayerSecureContentFlagsFB
static const XrCompositionLayerSecureContentFlagsFB XR_COMPOSITION_LAYER_SECURE_CONTENT_EXCLUDE_LAYER_BIT_FB = 0x00000001;
static const XrCompositionLayerSecureContentFlagsFB XR_COMPOSITION_LAYER_SECURE_CONTENT_REPLACE_LAYER_BIT_FB = 0x00000002;


Flag Descriptions
  • XR_COMPOSITION_LAYER_SECURE_CONTENT_EXCLUDE_LAYER_BIT_FB — Indicates the layer will only be visible inside the HMD, and not visible to external sources

  • XR_COMPOSITION_LAYER_SECURE_CONTENT_REPLACE_LAYER_BIT_FB — Indicates the layer will be displayed inside the HMD, but replaced by proxy content when written to external sources

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