C Specification

#if !defined(XR_MAY_ALIAS)
#if defined(__clang__) || (defined(__GNUC__) && (__GNUC__ > 4))
#define XR_MAY_ALIAS __attribute__((__may_alias__))
#define XR_MAY_ALIAS


As a convenience, some types and pointers that are known at specification time to alias values of different types have been annotated with the XR_MAY_ALIAS definition. If this macro is not defined before including OpenXR headers, and a new enough Clang or GCC compiler is used, it will be defined to the compiler-specific attribute annotation to inform these compilers that those pointers may alias. However, there is no guarantee that all aliasing types or pointers have been correctly marked with this macro, so thorough testing is still recommended if you choose (at your own risk) to permit your compiler to perform type-based aliasing analysis.

See Type Aliasing for full discussion of pointer aliasing in OpenXR.

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