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#define XR_MAKE_VERSION(major, minor, patch) \
    ((((major) & 0xffffULL) << 48) | (((minor) & 0xffffULL) << 32) | ((patch) & 0xffffffffULL))


Parameter Descriptions
  • major is the major version number, packed into the most-significant 16 bits.

  • minor is the minor version number, packed into the second-most-significant group of 16 bits.

  • patch is the patch version number, in the least-significant 32 bits.

XR_MAKE_VERSION constructs a packed 64-bit integer API version number from three components. The format used is described in API Version Numbers and Semantics.

This macro can be used when constructing the XrApplicationInfo::apiVersion parameter passed to xrCreateInstance.

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