The OpenVX Specification  dba1aa3
Object: Array (Advanced)

Detailed Description

Defines the advanced features of the Array Interface.


vx_enum VX_API_CALL vxRegisterUserStruct (vx_context context, vx_size size)
 Registers user-defined structures to the context. More...

Function Documentation

vx_enum VX_API_CALL vxRegisterUserStruct ( vx_context  context,
vx_size  size 

Registers user-defined structures to the context.

[in]contextThe reference to the implementation context.
[in]sizeThe size of user struct in bytes.
A vx_enum value that is a type given to the User to refer to their custom structure when declaring a vx_array of that structure.
Return values
VX_TYPE_INVALIDIf the namespace of types has been exhausted.
This call should only be used once within the lifetime of a context for a specific structure.