The OpenVX Specification  a73e458

Detailed Description

Implements the Gradient Phase Computation Kernel.

This kernel takes two gradients in VX_DF_IMAGE_S16 format and computes the angles for each pixel and stores this in a VX_DF_IMAGE_U8 image [R00095].

\[ \phi = \tan^{-1}{\frac{grad_y(x,y)}{grad_x(x,y)}} \]

Where \( \phi \) is then translated to \( 0 \le \phi < {2}\pi \). Each \( \phi \) value is then mapped to the range 0 to 255 inclusive [R00096].


vx_node VX_API_CALL vxPhaseNode (vx_graph graph, vx_image grad_x, vx_image grad_y, vx_image orientation)
 [Graph] Creates a Phase node. More...

Function Documentation

◆ vxPhaseNode()

vx_node VX_API_CALL vxPhaseNode ( vx_graph  graph,
vx_image  grad_x,
vx_image  grad_y,
vx_image  orientation 

[Graph] Creates a Phase node.

[in]graphThe reference to the graph [R00166].
[in]grad_xThe input x image. This must be in VX_DF_IMAGE_S16 format [R00167].
[in]grad_yThe input y image. This must be in VX_DF_IMAGE_S16 format [R00168].
[out]orientationThe phase image. This is in VX_DF_IMAGE_U8 format [R00169].
See also
vx_node [R00170].
Return values
vx_nodeA node reference. Any possible errors preventing a successful creation should be checked using vxGetStatus