The OpenVX Specification  a73e458
Integral Image

Detailed Description

Computes the integral image of the input.

Each output pixel is the sum of the corresponding input pixel and all other pixels above and to the left of it [R00076].

\[ dst(x,y) = sum(x,y) \]

where, for x>=0 and y>=0

\[ sum(x,y) = src(x,y) + sum(x-1,y) + sum(x,y-1) - sum(x-1,y-1) \]


\[ sum(x,y) = 0 \]

The overflow policy used is VX_CONVERT_POLICY_WRAP [R00077].


vx_node VX_API_CALL vxIntegralImageNode (vx_graph graph, vx_image input, vx_image output)
 [Graph] Creates an Integral Image Node. More...

Function Documentation

◆ vxIntegralImageNode()

vx_node VX_API_CALL vxIntegralImageNode ( vx_graph  graph,
vx_image  input,
vx_image  output 

[Graph] Creates an Integral Image Node.

[in]graphThe reference to the graph [R00217].
[in]inputThe input image in VX_DF_IMAGE_U8 format [R00218].
[out]outputThe output image in VX_DF_IMAGE_U32 format [R00219].
vx_node [R00220].
Return values
vx_nodeA node reference. Any possible errors preventing a successful creation should be checked using vxGetStatus