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oVision FunctionsThese are the base vision functions supported in OpenVX 1.1
|oAbsolute DifferenceComputes the absolute difference between two images
|oAccumulateAccumulates an input image into output image
|oAccumulate SquaredAccumulates a squared value from an input image to an output image
|oAccumulate WeightedAccumulates a weighted value from an input image to an output image
|oArithmetic AdditionPerforms addition between two images
|oArithmetic SubtractionPerforms subtraction between two images
|oBitwise ANDPerforms a bitwise AND operation between two VX_DF_IMAGE_U8 images
|oBitwise EXCLUSIVE ORPerforms a bitwise EXCLUSIVE OR (XOR) operation between two VX_DF_IMAGE_U8 images
|oBitwise INCLUSIVE ORPerforms a bitwise INCLUSIVE OR operation between two VX_DF_IMAGE_U8 images
|oBitwise NOTPerforms a bitwise NOT operation on a VX_DF_IMAGE_U8 input image
|oBox FilterComputes a Box filter over a window of the input image
|oCanny Edge DetectorProvides a Canny edge detector kernel
|oChannel CombineImplements the Channel Combine Kernel
|oChannel ExtractImplements the Channel Extraction Kernel
|oColor ConvertImplements the Color Conversion Kernel
|oConvert Bit depthConverts image bit depth
|oCustom ConvolutionConvolves the input with the client supplied convolution matrix
|oDilate ImageImplements Dilation, which grows the white space in a VX_DF_IMAGE_U8 Boolean image
|oEqualize HistogramEqualizes the histogram of a grayscale image
|oErode ImageImplements Erosion, which shrinks the white space in a VX_DF_IMAGE_U8 Boolean image
|oFast CornersComputes the corners in an image using a method based upon FAST9 algorithm suggested in [3] and with some updates from [4] with modifications described below
|oGaussian FilterComputes a Gaussian filter over a window of the input image
|oNon Linear FilterComputes a non-linear filter over a window of the input image
|oHarris CornersComputes the Harris Corners of an image
|oHistogramGenerates a distribution from an image
|oGaussian Image PyramidComputes a Gaussian Image Pyramid from an input image
|oLaplacian Image PyramidComputes a Laplacian Image Pyramid from an input image
|oReconstruction from a Laplacian Image PyramidReconstructs the original image from a Laplacian Image Pyramid
|oIntegral ImageComputes the integral image of the input
|oMagnitudeImplements the Gradient Magnitude Computation Kernel
|oMean and Standard DeviationComputes the mean pixel value and the standard deviation of the pixels in the input image (which has a dimension width and height)
|oMedian FilterComputes a median pixel value over a window of the input image
|oMin, Max LocationFinds the minimum and maximum values in an image and a location for each
|oOptical Flow Pyramid (LK)Computes the optical flow using the Lucas-Kanade method between two pyramid images
|oPhaseImplements the Gradient Phase Computation Kernel
|oPixel-wise MultiplicationPerforms element-wise multiplication between two images and a scalar value
|oRemapMaps output pixels in an image from input pixels in an image
|oScale ImageImplements the Image Resizing Kernel
|oSobel 3x3Implements the Sobel Image Filter Kernel
|oTableLookupImplements the Table Lookup Image Kernel
|oThresholdingThresholds an input image and produces an output Boolean image
|oWarp AffinePerforms an affine transform on an image
|\Warp PerspectivePerforms a perspective transform on an image
oBasic FeaturesThe basic parts of OpenVX needed for computation
|\ObjectsDefines the basic objects within OpenVX
| oObject: ReferenceDefines the Reference Object interface
| oObject: ContextDefines the Context Object Interface
| oObject: GraphDefines the Graph Object interface
| oObject: NodeDefines the Node Object interface
| oObject: ArrayDefines the Array Object Interface
| oObject: ConvolutionDefines the Image Convolution Object interface
| oObject: DistributionDefines the Distribution Object Interface
| oObject: ImageDefines the Image Object interface
| oObject: LUTDefines the Look-Up Table Interface
| oObject: MatrixDefines the Matrix Object Interface
| oObject: PyramidDefines the Image Pyramid Object Interface
| oObject: RemapDefines the Remap Object Interface
| oObject: ScalarDefines the Scalar Object interface
| oObject: ThresholdDefines the Threshold Object Interface
| \Object: ObjectArrayAn opaque array object that could be an array of any data-object (not data-type) of OpenVX except Delay and ObjectArray objects
\Administrative FeaturesDefines the Administrative Features of OpenVX
 oAdvanced ObjectsDefines the Advanced Objects of OpenVX
 |oObject: Array (Advanced)Defines the advanced features of the Array Interface
 |oObject: Node (Advanced)Defines the advanced features of the Node Interface
 ||\Node: Border ModesDefines the border mode behaviors
 |oObject: DelayDefines the Delay Object interface
 |oObject: KernelDefines the Kernel Object and Interface
 |\Object: ParameterDefines the Parameter Object interface
 \Advanced Framework APIDescribes components that are considered to be advanced
  oFramework: Node CallbacksAllows Clients to receive a callback after a specific node has completed execution
  oFramework: Performance MeasurementDefines Performance measurement and reporting interfaces
  oFramework: LogDefines the debug logging interface
  oFramework: HintsDefines the Hints Interface
  oFramework: DirectivesDefines the Directives Interface
  oFramework: User KernelsDefines the User Kernels, which are a method to extend OpenVX with new vision functions
  \Framework: Graph ParametersDefines the Graph Parameter API