OpenKODE Core extension: KD_KHR_staticdata

Name stringsKD_KHR_staticdata
ContactsThe OpenKODE Working Group, Khronos Group
VersionVersion 2, 2007-03-30
NumberNot yet allocated
Dependencies Requires OpenKODE Core 1.0 Provisional. This extension is written based on the wording of the OpenKODE Core 1.0 Provisional specification.

1. Overview

This extension states that OpenKODE Core supports non-automatic (i.e. static, global and file scope) variables in its programming environment.

It is expected that most OpenKODE Core implementations will support non-automatic variables, and thus express support for this extension. The only anticipated exception is when an OpenKODE Core application is embedded in the ROM of certain types of low-end platforms. Thus, an OpenKODE programmer may use non-automatic variables safe in the knowledge that only these embedded ROM platforms will be excluded.

A programmer needs to know whether this extension is supported at application writing time. Therefore, although this extension is reported at run time by OpenKODE Core’s attribute querying mechanism, this information is not useful.

2. Changes to OpenKODE Core 1.0 specification

  • (2.2, C subset) Remove the word not from the following text:

    Non-automatic (i.e. static, global and file scope) variables are not supported.

3. Revision history

3.1. Version 2, 2007-03-30

  • Tidied extension header. No substantive changes.

3.2. Version 1, 2007-02-08

Initial version.