OpenKODE extension: KD_KHR_gles2

Name stringsKD_KHR_gles2
ContributorsTim Renouf
ContactsKhronos OpenKODE working group
VersionVersion 1, 2007-10-19
Dependencies Requires OpenKODE 1.0 Provisional. This extension is written based on the wording of the OpenKODE 1.0 Provisional specification.

1. Overview

This OpenKODE extension adds OpenGL ES 2.0 to the list of Khronos media APIs that can be included in OpenKODE.

2. Specification changes

In section 2.1, Conformant OpenKODE implementation, in the list of zero or more media APIs that may be included in OpenKODE:

  • In the OpenVG 1.0.1 item, change “if OpenGL ES is also present” to “if OpenGL ES (of either supported version) is also present”.

  • Add a new item:

    • OpenGL ES 2.0, with, if OpenVG is also present, the GL_OES_egl_image extension.

3. WG note

There is a suggestion that this extension should mandate on-device compiling of OpenGL ES 2 shader language. This point has yet to be decided.

4. Revision history

4.1. Version 1, 2007-10-19

  • Initial version.