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To enable or disable the properties of a command-queue, call the function

cl_int clSetCommandQueueProperty(
    cl_command_queue command_queue,
    cl_command_queue_properties properties,
    cl_bool enable,
    cl_command_queue_properties* old_properties);


  • command_queue specifies the command-queue being modified.

  • properties specifies the new list of properties for the command-queue. This is a bit-field and the supported properties are described in the Command-Queue Properties table for clCreateCommandQueue. Only command-queue properties specified in this table can be used, otherwise the value specified in properties is considered to be not valid.

  • enable determines whether the values specified by properties are enabled (if enable is CL_​TRUE) or disabled (if enable is CL_​FALSE) for the command-queue.

  • old_properties returns the command-queue properties before they were changed by clSetCommandQueueProperty. If old_properties is NULL, it is ignored.


Changing the CL_​QUEUE_​OUT_​OF_​ORDER_​EXEC_​MODE_​ENABLE command-queue property will cause the OpenCL implementation to block until all previously queued commands in command_queue have completed. This can be an expensive operation and therefore changes to this property should only be done when absolutely necessary.

clSetCommandQueueProperty returns CL_​SUCCESS if the function is executed successfully. Otherwise, it returns one of the following errors:

  • CL_​INVALID_​COMMAND_​QUEUE if command_queue is not a valid command-queue.

  • CL_​INVALID_​VALUE if values specified in properties are not valid.

  • CL_​INVALID_​QUEUE_​PROPERTIES if values specified in properties are valid but are not supported by the device.

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