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Thread: How to use transparency?

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    How to use transparency?


    This is a basic question: I just want to enable the transparency of the 3D object with RGBA colors and not texture. I used blending and followed Learning WebGL Lessons 8

    but found that I can't make it work with RGBA color. Some objects that have alpha value as 1 and are in front of others, are still seem as transparent objects.

    I think since I disabled depth testing, I need to draw the objects in the order that how they cover the others. But is there anyway I can simply draw them without considering the order and just show the objects with alpha value less than 1 as transparent? Thank you very much!

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    Re: How to use transparency?

    This is a very complex question, actually.
    The question is co complex, I personally don't want to handle transparency in my engine.

    Anyway, you could try the Dual Deep Peeling method.

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