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Thread: Model animation, OpenGL ES on Android

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    Model animation, OpenGL ES on Android

    Hello again,

    So far, things are going well with a project that I'm working on for Android. I'm soon to run into the need to do some animations of a character model. I've done "robotic" type animations before where push/pop methods work nicely to move different parts/limbs... but I was wondering if there are any other common methods that I might explore? I can't imagine that anything of the skeletal variety would be smart on such a small platform...

    Thanks for any advice,

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    Re: Model animation, OpenGL ES on Android

    Really a shame I can't edit... I feel like it's such bad etiquette to double post... anyway...

    I'd should say that I've also considered storing several different vertex/index lists in memory... but wow... if the models have a decent number of polygons I can imagine that will just take up way too much space to have any kind of reasonably smooth animation at all.

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