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Thread: CL_INVALID_DEVICE_LIST seems to be missing in cl.h

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    CL_INVALID_DEVICE_LIST seems to be missing in cl.h

    I was doing a dummy implementation and I find out that the definition of CL_INVALID_DEVICE_LIST is missing in the .h file,
    it is supposed to be returned by clCreateContext if the list of devices specified cannot be used together to create a context.

    Should not be defined there? Perhaps in between the following lines

    #define CL_INVALID_VALUE -30
    #define CL_INVALID_DEVICE_TYPE -31
    #define CL_INVALID_DEVICE -32
    #define CL_INVALID_CONTEXT -33


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    Re: CL_INVALID_DEVICE_LIST seems to be missing in cl.h

    Yes. I suggested using CL_INVALID_DEVICE in the errata thread. Lists aren't really treated separately from devices in most of the API.
    Ralph Giles
    Artifex Software, Inc.

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