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  1. Both GLES2/3 have a programmable graphics...

    Both GLES2/3 have a programmable graphics pipeline which include fragment shaders. Fragment shaders allow you to run a kernel that can include a large range of mathematical operations on a per-pixel...
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    It's an enum specifying which plane to operate...

    It's an enum specifying which plane to operate on, e.g. GL_CLIP_PLANE0, GL_CLIP_PLANE1 etc.. up to GL_MAX_CLIP_PLANES-1.

    However, I don't think...
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    Have you considered using glReadPixels? Note,...

    Have you considered using glReadPixels? Note, reading back a render target is always really expensive from a performance point of view. Alternatively, you could do something that performs a little...
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    Which is exactly why developers will typically...

    Which is exactly why developers will typically sort draw calls based on program first to avoid the expensive state transitions. Ideally, a program would only be selected once per frame.
  5. Re: can framebuffer object used without egl initialization?

    Spec currently requires an egl surface/context be made current in your thread, even if you just want to render to an FBO.
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    Re: Texture Sharing.

    If you want to keep two CPU cores busy or upload textures in the background, having multiple contexts are useful.

    A 1x1 pbuffer surface is usually a good choice.

    That looks correct, it's...
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    Re: eglCopyBuffers - use case

    Depends on which buffer you want to copy, the eglCopyBuffers call has an implicit flush. Typically, it's not used with window surfaces. If you were rendering to an egl pbuffer surface you would...
  8. Re: Can I only Create a Pbuffer without create a window sur

    The spec doesn't require a window surface to render to a pbuffer surface. Are you making the pbuffer surface current?
  9. Re: EGL Binaries for Linux/X11 Systems on TouchPad

    I believe there are some open-source andreno driver for android available, might be a good point of reference.
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    Re: EGL double buffering

    When you create your egl window surface you can pass an attribute list. You can set EGL_RENDER_BUFFER to EGL_BACK_BUFFER for a double buffered window or you can set it to EGL_SINGLE_BUFFER for a...
  11. Re: How to read Pixel data from the MultiSampled framebuffer

    Using glReadPixels is always expensive, how expensive depends on the platform. But most platforms need to stall rendering and wait for rendering to finish, with a possible resolve to another buffer,...
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    Re: Noob OpenGL ES Android Question

    There's lot of great docs at:
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    Re: Rendering Polygons In OpenGL ES 1.x

    Yes, you can draw either separate triangles or triangle strips. However if you have faceculling, you need to be aware that triangles have a front and back faces based on the order of the verts. (e.g....
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    Re: Using OpenGL, ON, OpenVG

    I'd suggest EGL images since I believe their the cleanest solution if their supported on the platform. Otherwise you can use pbuffers assuming the platform supports this core EGL feature.
  15. Thread: Fill Effect

    by jpilon

    Re: Fill Effect

    You could just replace drawing your texture with a draw that has texturing disabled and colored verts or materials if lightning is enabled.
  16. Re: About compatibility between OpenGL ES2.0 and OpenGL2.0

    You would have to port the applications from OpenGL2.0 to OpenGLES2.0. For the most part, OpenGLES2.0 is a subset of OpenGL2.0.
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    Re: GL10 vs GL11 on Android

    You should not mingle the two APIs, and there should be no reason to do so. You can get any number of un-defined behavior.
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    Re: texture opengl es 2.0

    On the iphones and ipads textures will definitely have maximum dimension of 4096x4096 due to the hardware. However, I'm unsure if webgl will further restrict the dimensions.
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    Re: opengl rendering

    The color values for the vertices should be in the model data. Are you manually parsing the 3ds file?
  20. Re: Peformance for using Frame buffers and glReadPixels

    The glReadPixels function has an implicit finish/fence since it needs to ensure rendering is completed before coping things back to the user pointer. So avoiding unnecessary flushes/finishes is...
  21. Re: VBO Test - glBufferData vs glBufferSubData vs glMapBuffe

    There might be inefficiencies in the implementation of glMapBuffers and glBufferSubData on the ipad. If things are optimal I would expect:

    glMapBufferOES ? glBufferSubData ? glBufferData

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    Re: Implement OpenGL/ES to new CPU

    The jit doesn't really matter in effort, it's all implemented in C, so as long as you have a C compiler it's not too bad. However the software stacks are quite large, so updating make files and build...
  23. Re: questions about dealing with non power of two textures

    You can also use a texture atlas, you can place several images into a single pot texture using the function Steve mentioned. It might allow you to save some memory, however you'll need some algorithm...
  24. Re: Off screen rendering buffer - PBuffer understanding

    It's like any other EGL surface in usage, you can create a context, make it current to a thread and render using any of the supported khronos APIs. Pbuffers in particular are exclusively off-screen...
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    Re: Issue when running egl on different fb device

    Without knowing anything about the environment, I'd suggest just doing a query on the number of egl configs to see if any are actually available. If it returns some number of configs, you can then...
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