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  1. Thank you, utnapishtim!

    Thank you, utnapishtim!
  2. A question about access modifier (ro, wo) for image object

    I've learned that image object can be readonly or writeonly, but not read-write.
    But is it allowed for programmer to change this access modifier between different kernels?
    For example: there is 2...
  3. I've found something interesting... 1) switch...

    I've found something interesting...

    1) switch read-write mem

    __global float * gdata

    to read-only mode.

    2) introduce a new write-only mem:
  4. Kernel doesn't work on Intel CPU,but works fine on GeForce and SOMETIMES at Intel HD


    I have a strange trouble with my kernel...

    I use laptop Lenovo U430p with Intel Haswell i5 processor with integrated Nvidia GeForce GT 730M (Nvidia Optimus).

    Kernel works on NVidia...
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