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  1. Strange issue when dealing with Bitmasks
  2. run kernel in one NDRange space
  3. question regarding new gpu computing sdk and opencl
  4. working with thread in a kernel
  5. kernel arguments restrction
  6. calculate optimal pitch value
  7. Overhead of Passing the same buffer to different kernels
  8. Multiple GPU Context Impossible with Graphics Interop (Please support this!)
  9. invalid command queue
  10. shrFindFilePath() returns null
  11. cast between the scalar and vector types
  12. OpenCL Memory Problem with ant simulation
  13. Bad performance after transferring from 32 bit to 64 bit
  14. vloadn and vstoren
  15. Expm1() problems - precision
  16. encapsulate context creation
  17. how to mention wrap address mode in the opencl 1.1
  18. Confused about the memory buffer usage
  19. OpenCL with BLAST algorithm
  20. Clarification on event_t usage in OpenCL specification
  21. Can we execute .exe program in opencl ?
  22. Info about device Query
  23. read multiple exits using function clEnqueueTask
  24. What can be implemented in what? OpenCL, OpenGL, HSA, SPIR, LLVM IR, HSA, Mantle, etc
  25. PNG decoder using opencl
  26. Host memory allocation with CL_MEM_ALLOC_HOST_PTR
  27. Looping kernels produce not constant timings
  28. What is faster?
  29. NVIDIA + ATI hardware in the same computer
  30. clGetPlatformInfo() causes segmentation fault in dynamically linked application?
  31. send custom type to the kernel
  32. Proper row pitch and slice pitch value
  33. user type struct
  34. Altera and NVDIA OpenCL Platform Together
  35. OpenCL and MinGW problems
  36. Newbie question: Problems with non-square matrices
  37. Check OpenCL device version compatibility?
  38. Boost.Compute v0.1 Released
  39. Official SYCL 1.2 Provisional feedback thread
  40. Stream compaction
  41. "professional" gpu's and pricing
  42. Newbie question: What is double4 data type in opencl?
  43. How to transplant openCL to QNX?
  44. Getting an error code of -1001
  45. OpenCL Ruby Bindings
  46. Pinned Memory Again
  47. CUDA - OpenCL Interaction
  48. Orthograhic drawing with depth
  49. Orthograhic drawing with depth
  50. deafult memory value?
  51. OpenCL Kernel Performance bad (vs CPU)
  52. Problem writing to 3d image object
  53. I have a problem with opencl. please give me solution
  54. problem with atomic_cmpxchg
  55. OpenCL ICD loader - segfaults on test
  56. More problems with atomic_cmpxchg, help!!!!
  58. Kernel build failure
  59. Different result between AMD and Nvidea devices.
  60. CL_MEM_OBJECT_ALLOCATION_FAILURE error after running for some iterations?
  61. Threads more than local work size
  62. Accessing Array using value from another Array (Raytracing Uniform Grid Traversal)
  63. OpenCL profiling tools in Windows for Nvidia Gpus
  64. Dynamic allocation of cl::Buffer
  65. Subdevice Support on Intel i5 Ivy Bridge
  66. Hello From An OpenCL Committee Member!
  67. Calling another (non kernel) function in kernel function
  68. Can I stream data from the device to the host?
  69. Executing a large kernel
  70. error with processors i7 and not with processors Duo or Quad using OpenCL
  71. opencl code concept
  72. OpenCL open source library
  73. Can we use structure of structure in opencl?
  74. Downloading and Installing OpenCL 2.0
  75. Sending 2D data to device in openCL
  76. a program to test SVM for OpenCl2.0, what's the problem of this program?
  77. Measure Time inside the kernel?
  78. Using opencl in loop
  79. Hardware supporting openCl 2.0?
  80. Profiling Info for a command?
  81. cl_platform.h': No such file or directory
  82. clCreateProgramWithBinary binaries per Device ?
  83. clSetUserEventStatus limitation
  84. Cl_device_preferred_vector_width_float = 1
  85. static equivalent in opencl Kernel?
  86. How can I reduce time for creation of buffers in OpenCL ?
  87. Tesla C2050 - OpenCL - Kernel Concurrency Issue
  88. OpenCL memory allocation problem
  89. OpenCL 2.0 Compatibility with older GPU
  90. cl::Event memory leak problem and solution
  91. HelloWorld errors
  92. creating a stack in the kernel
  93. Acces physical id of the core
  94. OpenCL and running applications
  95. A little optimization help anyone?
  96. Use of variables in kernel function using OpenCL
  97. Utilising the gpu in a headless envrionment
  98. Relation between cuda cores and compute units
  99. Need feedback on OpenCL optimization
  100. OpenGL shader conversion
  101. New bug in C++ binding in cl::LinkProgram.
  102. Splitting workload across devices belonging to different platforms
  103. Couldn't access any GPU devices!
  104. Streaming data | transfer rate?
  105. Bernstein polynomials
  106. Mistake in the 1.2 reference pages
  107. Best practice choosing right work group size
  108. how to correctly read unmapped buffer
  109. Alloction of local memory within kernel
  110. atom_inc signature incorrect in online html docs
  111. Running without OpenCL runtime if it's not installed
  112. cl_mem objects only work the first time
  113. Does the OpenCL2.0 SVM support allocate memory for images?
  114. Passing data from one kernel to another
  115. vload4 vs four buffer acceses for local memoy buffer
  116. Running a large number of 1D kernels
  117. Official OpenCL SPIR 2.0 Provisional Specification feedback thread
  118. About the cache coherence between CPU and descrete GPU
  119. OpenCL: Second kernel call generates strange output
  120. OpenCL c++ error
  121. How to see build information in opencl c++
  122. Questions about the usage of clEnqueueMapBuffer and CL_MEM_USE_HOST_PTR
  123. Problems with OpenCL on Mac
  124. Problem using multiple host threads
  125. Problem with float with OpenCL in CPU
  126. question about global memory access
  127. Where to get OpenCL for Windows XP?
  128. beignet on fc21 linux doesn't seem to work
  129. Is there any complete tutorial for sum all elements in an array/vector?
  130. How to get the same results of the trigonometric functions( double precision )
  131. Offline Binary Kernel Generation
  132. How to get vectorized enhanced performance for XOR, AND for ulong
  133. Endianness in kernel arguments
  134. Linking globals named ... : symbol multiply defined
  135. My GPU is Qualcomm Adreno320?
  136. Best way to enqueue a kernel for a triangular matrix?
  137. Bug in Nvidia Driver 340.X only for OpenCL???
  138. Best way for solving an optimization problem
  139. A question about access modifier (ro, wo) for image object
  140. help on image processing