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  1. Transferring Data from Host to Device
  2. Compute Units of GTX560 is wrong, showing only 7
  3. opencl ! too much leak memory problem
  4. pow precision
  5. Command queue goes invalid after kernel execution
  6. OpenCL c++ binding in iMac
  7. cl::vector vs std::vector: different iterator behaviour
  8. CPU + GPU processing of same image
  9. OpenCL+ CMake @ iMac
  10. Required atomic built-in functions
  11. openCl Multiple context ! is it possible ?
  12. Should I cache get_global_id(0)?
  13. Huge kernel overhead on Mac
  14. Memory Allocation and time collection
  15. Real-time raytracing -- Is MIMD req'd?
  16. OpenCL + nVidia nSight and Visual Profiler problems
  17. OpenCL device problems
  18. PTX file to work with clCreateProgramWithBinary
  19. doubts with work items and groups
  20. Why can kernels take __local pointer arguments?
  21. multiple OpenCL applications and global memory effects
  22. kernel freezes video output
  23. Can Native Kernels Enqueue Non-Native Kernels?
  24. Confusion on output
  25. Is OpenCL can be used here?
  26. Cross-device bandwidth for discrete GPU (HD 5870)
  27. OpenCL slow compiling of multiple kernel code
  28. OpenCL newbie
  29. clCreateContext with CGL_SHAREGROUP returns -30
  30. OpenCL with .net?
  31. OpenCL pointer to pointer
  32. fatal error 1083: Cannot open include file 'Cl/cl.h' no such
  33. Reset or release invalidated command queue
  34. Setting up OpenCL with DirectX 9
  35. CL_INVALID_KERNEL_ARGS from clEnqueueReadBuffer
  36. Catching all errors
  37. Heterogeneous migratable kernels
  38. Killing the watchdog timer under MacOSX Lion
  39. dual-GPU graphics cards: one or two devices?
  40. CL_OUT_OF_HOST_MEMORY in clCreateKernel
  41. device memory limits (unexpectedly low for CPU)
  42. OpenCL Sync
  43. typedefs (cl_int etc) for mulitple platforms
  44. How to get the number of cores per computing unit
  45. clSetKernelArg in loop CL_OUT_OF_RESSOURCES
  46. How to measure the total execut?on t?me most efficiently
  47. Why reading is slower than writing
  48. [Xavier Faure] OpenCL to GL
  49. diferent time in openCL programs execution
  50. Reg OpenCL Loops
  51. 2 openCL applications running simultaneously
  52. Mapping Data: remap to change?
  53. installation problem
  54. puzzling build message "Error getting function data..."
  55. OpenCL module for OpenCV
  56. more than 1 read_only image2d_t freezes video card
  57. inconsistent data
  58. OpenCL On Multiple Platforms
  59. strange output
  60. Newbie! Trying to learn how to do data intensive calculus?
  61. How to avoid double allocation on CPU
  62. dot product
  63. Error when building OpenCl
  64. Does NDRange affect performance?
  65. Shared objects between devices...
  66. error when use clCompileProgram and clLinkProgram
  67. OpenCL C++ bindings, without OpenGL headers
  68. Is there any way of making a particular thread to wait for o
  69. pass pointer arguments to non-kernel function in deivice
  70. __local atomic in opencl
  71. memory buffer question
  72. Two dimensional global worksize
  73. The support of out-of-order mode ?
  74. Force to an OpenCL version
  75. Machine learning algo. (Adaboost)
  76. clBuildProgram crashes in Intel platform
  77. Reduce the number of register
  78. Segmentation fault while creating command queue
  79. Usertime of execution almost same on CPU as well as GPU?
  80. Bug in NV OpenCL compiler
  81. Quadro FX 2700M Compatibility issue
  82. clCreateProgramWithBinary on Mac OSX
  83. OpenCL Image Read/Write problem
  84. problem with multithreading spmv (matrix in CSR)
  85. Barrier
  86. Creating an Installable Client Driver (ICD)
  87. Controlling GPU Contention.
  88. More bugs on NV compiler
  89. bool array in opencl?
  90. Keep data on device / fetch interim results from device
  91. Problems with clCreateSubBuffer and clCreateFromGLBuffer
  92. Do I have coalsecing access?
  93. problem passing struct kernel arguments (Apple)
  94. GetPlatformIDs question
  95. OpenCL CPU issue: execution stop too early
  96. Why failed to create kernel?
  97. Floating point exception on simple kernel
  98. SIMD execution
  99. Code hangs when executed second time
  100. Performance on CPU
  101. Precision problem
  102. Parallel data transfer and gpu processing
  103. Bug? Reusing cl::Event doesn't release the original event.
  104. Buffer Strategy
  105. Allocate array in a kernel of length known only at runtime
  106. Image2d max size
  107. How to synchronize iterations?
  108. Feature request: transfer bandwidth specification / priority
  109. Best way to pass a set of 2D arrays
  110. clEnqueueNDRangeKernel offset parameter
  111. vector component duplication
  112. Loop unrolling problem / interoperability issue
  113. questions about gpu computing
  114. Profiling, performance counters on Nvidia OpenCL
  115. Driver changes, clCreateProgramWithBinary, clGetProgramInfo
  116. Pass symbol definitions with spaces as build options?
  117. Execution Error - clGetProgramInfo with CL_PROGRAM_BINARIES
  118. Some use cases for clGetDeviceInfo parameters?
  119. A few technical questions about work-items and wavefronts
  120. OpenCL wrapper Overhead
  121. Summing up all elements of a buffer
  122. AMD vs Intel: Auto-vectorization
  123. Beginning with Parallel Programming
  124. A simple technical question about memory access.
  125. Optimisation tips for fetch intensive kernel on ATI
  126. can host determine number of workgroups? related to reduce
  127. PCI address of mapped OpenCL buffer object?
  128. Question about protecting ocl code
  129. Getting undefined reference Errors
  130. Intel CPU performs better with AMDAPP than Intel OpenCL SDK
  131. Check whether cl_mem object is valid
  132. Suggestion: Querying memory object alignment
  133. OSX Lion 10.7.4 update broke my kernel
  134. Image2d or Buffer?
  135. Question about HW/SW paltform selection
  136. Using OpenCL kernel to update OpenGL buffer [Solved]
  137. Include a header into kernel
  138. newbie question about OpenGL
  139. Profiling issues and strange results
  140. Image3D object in OpenCL
  141. compiling kernels OpenCL using clBuildProgram
  142. clEnqueueReadBuffer blocking always
  143. Why opencl use source, instead IR
  144. OpenCL error on multiple kernel runs
  145. Where/how to add kernel source code--*.cl--to a VS2010 proj.
  146. cl.hpp: KernelFunctor gone,replaced with KernelFunctorGlobal
  147. unresolved external symbol clIcdGetPlatformIDsKHR...
  148. Need help testing OpenCL program
  149. safe deleting cpu data
  150. error - clEnqueueNDRangeKernel( -52)
  151. Switching from CPU to GPU leads to a exception in amdocl.dll
  152. beginer errors in my CL file
  153. using printf in the .cl file
  154. How to get physical address of GPU memory for DMA?
  155. How to display error code
  156. Error - 52 with clEnqueueNDRangeKernel
  157. Low level behaviour of clEnqueueWriteBuffer() - spec vs impl
  158. Help required understanding some results(of matrix mult.)
  159. Regarding creating a very big array within an OpenCL Kernel
  160. Can I use Third Party Library?
  161. Sum Vector Components in OpenCL (SSE-like)
  162. CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES in clEnqueueNDRangeKernel
  163. Inconsistent Results
  164. Difference between Cuda Core (Nvidia) and Stream Core(ATI)?
  165. Workload in Ati GPU. How Much work-items i have to put?
  166. Troubleshooting via printf?
  167. Info on clCreateFromGLRenderbuffer
  168. Pass scalars to kernel and avoid creating CLBuffer each time
  169. OpenCL Binary | Effective Memory Usage
  170. Writing a Kernel for a Explicit Method Heat Equation
  171. Use CPU and GPU wisely
  172. Scalability issues in openCL.
  173. Need help to start learning OpenCL on my laptop
  174. Making kernels aware of a large amount of buffers
  175. memory consistency in openCL
  176. Optimize this loop in OpenCL
  177. How do I rerun a kernel with a new data set?
  178. how do I invoke the OpenCL compiler
  179. OpenCL support on Ivy Bridge / HD 4000 Macs?
  180. GTX 560 - How much work-items i set?
  181. clEnqueueNDRangeKernel, error code -54
  182. free web-service for testing OpenCL applications
  183. Limit of kernel args
  184. OpenCL 1.2 cl.hpp
  185. OpenCL newb - OpenCL crashing :(
  186. Semaphor problem atomic_xchg function
  187. NO Cpu device found
  189. clEnqueueNDRangeKernel : Error -38
  190. Bessel functions in OpenCL
  191. Open source ICD loader
  192. opencl spec 1.2 Traditional Chinese version beta1
  193. OpenCL and OpenGL integration
  194. OpenCL global memory concept
  195. Lifetime of cl::Event objects?
  196. Failed to get PlatformID
  198. Speed issues on clEnqueueNDRangeKernel with empty kernal
  199. clinfo on Ubuntu 11.04 only recognizing 1 of 3 ati 6950 gpus
  200. Question about OpenCL samplers
  201. Native Kernels
  202. CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES when enqueuing same kernel
  203. Passing a matrix to openCL
  204. fast buffer initialization with zeros
  205. help with using clCreateImage2D
  206. question on work-items?
  207. What is vstoren for?
  208. clCreateEventFromGLsyncKHR
  209. Error with clEnqueueMapBuffer.. Getting wrong results.
  210. COMMAND QUEUE weird behaviour
  211. OpenCL Newb Here - OpenCL Scoping
  212. Wrong cl_mem pointer causes segfault
  214. Issue writing to constant buffer
  215. OpenGL mipmaps prevent read
  216. Timing OpenCL kernel code
  217. OpenCL image2d_t writing mostly zeros
  218. Do not get correct result when increasing local size
  219. IDEs for OpenCL development ?
  220. Releasing cl_event s
  221. Garbage output by array of struct in OpenCL
  222. Running opencl .exe file with just graphics driver installed
  223. Convert Long to char array?
  224. OpenCL device fission to LLVM-IR
  225. CL_INVALID_OPERATION in clCreateContextFromType
  226. How to debug on Apple? [CL_INVALID_COMMAND_QUEUE]
  227. Buffer sharing on multiple queues
  228. A weird problem with "clEnqueueNDRangeKernel"!
  229. Reduce nr of threads & use loop in kernel to cover the work
  230. Global memory "bitfield" technique
  231. OpenCL Kernel Memory Optimization - Local vs. Global Memory
  232. How to know if the kernels are executing concurrently?
  233. OpenCL/OpenGL interop on multiple GPU's
  234. Kernel Memory Error (illegal access inside kernel) - why?
  235. Putting a space in path supplied to clBuildProgram()
  236. OpenCL for 32 bit (x86) on 64 bit Windows 7
  237. Structs Into Kernel?
  238. Multiple devices and CL_DEVICE_MEM_BASE_ADDR_ALIGN
  239. Using preprocessor and extern functions in OpenCL kernels
  240. Vectors and kernel arguments
  241. OpenCL Failing At Conditionals
  242. OpenCL kernel crashes with -5 Error
  243. inconsistent use of 'double' in the specification?
  244. Using a buffer on multiple devices.
  245. clEnqueueNDRangeKernel returns -6 CL_OUT_OF_HOST_MEMORY
  246. Problem run in GTX560
  247. How to use OpenCL to optimize my decode algorithm?
  248. clGetEventProfilingInfo time stamps not synchronized?
  249. compilator settings- the key to the biggest performance
  250. Dynamic memory allocation/deallocation and transfer?