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  1. Example for Random Number Generator?
  2. Matrix Multiplication
  3. accessing elements of cl::Buffer?
  4. OpenCL with Python(interpreted) or C/C++(compiled) ?
  5. Implementation of OpenCL in clang
  6. Running kernel on GPU causing CPU to leak memory
  7. Is it possible to call one kernel in another?
  8. clEnqueueNDRangeKernel silently failing?
  9. cl_device_available
  10. Reboot or killing jobs remotly after crash?
  11. Q1 2011 Benchmarks - results
  12. Q1 2011 Benchmarks - discussion
  13. Image object support on MAC OS with ATI Radeon HD 5750 ?
  14. What happens if one of kernel argument is const int ?
  15. Bitwise ANDing, ORing, amd XORing very long bitmaps
  16. clUtil: a library for making OpenCL as painless as CUDA
  17. Images without Image support?
  18. Weird result with unsigned char type
  19. What is the advantage of using image object ?
  20. Events usage
  21. How do I check OpenCL is OK? Mac/Windows
  22. Parallelizing nested loops
  23. Mapped and Direct modes
  24. Really strange gl texture write bug
  25. Trying to write a custom struct to buffer (Fundamental Q'en)
  26. float multiplication on GPU returns NaN
  27. How to allocate arbitrary sized temp memory per work item?
  28. OpenCL on Linux, which implementation to choose?
  29. Looking for multi-GPU applications
  30. Need to transfer a huge amount of data
  31. How can i split my work load in a GPU with OpenCL?
  32. command queue goes dead after clEnqueueNDRangeKernel ?
  33. Error : CL_BUILD_PROGRAM_FAILURE, the source code seems ok
  34. Striped Image problem
  35. problem understanding the behaviour of my kernel!
  36. Problem with clEnqueueReadBuffer
  37. Getting started
  38. CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES on clEnqueueReadBuffer
  39. CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES on clEnqueueReadBuffer
  40. When is a command queue actually executed?
  41. How can i create or use a critical section in OpenCL?
  42. Work group size
  43. simpe 2D triangle fill vs. built in 3D graphics
  44. Regarding async_work_group_copy(global to local)
  45. Max mem allocation
  46. Check for free global memory avaiable
  47. how to use OpenCL to process video sequence one by one?
  48. Urgent: Cache optimization for spring-mass system in OpenCL
  49. RGBA to (single channel) grayscale : clEnqueueReadBuffer pbl
  50. pointer type conversion in kernel won't work
  51. Problem with matrix
  52. Arrays to the kernel
  53. Can't write in buffer
  54. Atomic functions for ushort arrays
  55. Fast array initialization
  56. Early returns and barriers inside the kernel
  57. reg samples
  58. opencl sample codes
  59. Computing Mean values of a set of vectors ?
  60. initialize global variables
  61. reg kernel function
  62. reg opencl
  63. reg opencl
  64. reg OpenCL program
  65. reg kernel function
  66. Error Reading Kernel Source
  67. Pointers to Pointers
  68. reg kernel function(linear search)
  69. Nearest neighbour (Eucliedean distance)
  70. clCreateBuffer and cl_mem_flags
  71. for loop problem
  72. using ?: with vectors
  73. regarding usage of barrier in openCL kernel
  74. using openCL for sudoku solver algorithm
  75. CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES problem
  76. Beginning OpenCL and "Access violation"
  77. __kernel definitions
  78. CreateBuffer for Multiple Devices.
  79. Pointers to arrays
  80. reg kernel
  81. EnqueueWriteBuffer for multiple Devices
  82. clRetainMemObject
  83. reg kernel function
  84. Any global barrier?
  85. Non-blocking Write Always Completes Without Error
  86. Associate memory chunks with compute units
  87. No Out of Order Execution
  88. NVIDIA Watchdog times out my OpenCL execution
  89. Same problem
  90. compiling and runing OpenCL code
  91. Block edges updates
  92. Re: block edges
  93. Nvidia bug in clCreateKernelsInProgram
  94. OpenCL on FPGAs
  95. openCL on clusters
  96. memory alignment for struct members
  97. are clCreateProgramWithSource & clBuildProgram thread-safe?
  98. How to configure cache and shared memory on Fermi
  99. Huge circular buffer beyong CL_DEVICE_MAX_MEM_ALLOC_SIZE
  100. Error:-42: Argument 1 of instuction 'selp':must be register
  101. clEnqueueCopyBuffer and multiple devices
  102. OpenCL on Mac OS
  103. matrix addition problem
  104. how to declare a constant array of float2 vectors?
  105. Read GL depth buffer from OpenCL?
  106. clGetGLContextInfoKHR unresolved
  107. LLVM compiler has failed to compile a function
  108. Hello and pls help :D
  109. Question about Kernel Arguement Speed
  110. huge delay between GPU and CPU
  111. reg workitems
  112. reg kernel function
  113. Which driver
  114. reg sudoku problem
  115. Implicit Retains
  116. Sharing textures with OpenCL (avoiding glFinish/clFinish)
  117. Multiple multicore CPUs and Fusion or Sandy Bridge
  118. Which CL device for GL context?
  119. clCreateUserEvent
  120. How to read elements from a float16 (or other) using index?
  121. quicksort on program scope : -36 error
  122. Problems with multiple commandQueues
  123. Coding : opencl information when program starts ....
  124. opencl programming : platform capabilities informations
  125. kd-tree nearest neighbour
  126. Maximum number of work-items
  127. OpenCL for Real-Time environments
  128. oclParticles example fails building bitonic sort program
  129. Problem with clCreateFromGLTexture2D
  130. double precision math builtins on OSX
  131. shouldn't CL_DEVICE_VENDOR_ID be in fact a CL_PLATFORM_...
  132. How to use sqrt/cos/.. in kernel
  133. Error when create image with clCreateImage2D
  134. OpenCL for histogram (or anything with global memory sharing
  135. First local memory work
  136. How optimally transfer character array to kernel
  137. OpenCL/Cuda (psst) what matters with a graphic card?
  138. Vector offset!
  139. OpenCL and Xilisoft HD Video Converter 6
  140. Register and local mem problems
  141. clBuildProgram return -45 error
  142. user event limitations
  143. clCreateBuffer
  144. Returning a single value from kernel!
  145. Geting an CL_INVALID_OPERATION when creating an image2d
  146. OpenCL on FirePro M5800
  147. Abs function is special?
  148. I've got an idea about building a forum of OpenCL
  149. Memory allocation inside kernel
  150. problem with smoothed particle hydrodynamics kernel
  151. A bit confused regarding get_local_id and get_group_id
  152. CL code failed when access twice in a function
  153. Rounding floats
  154. Question regarding operator = and operator +=
  155. exponential on input value causes CL_BUILD_PROGRAM_FAILURE
  156. Hello?Id like to translate the book "OpenCL Programming Gu"
  157. JOCL - reading CL-Buffer fails
  158. Help for a beginner
  159. OpenCL - OpenGL 2D texture interop
  160. RGB image in RGBA format
  161. I want to recommend very exellent forum in China
  162. Question in local synchronization!
  163. For all QtOpenCL users...
  164. C++ Binding Link Error in VS 2010
  165. Local work size!
  166. Problem with GL-CL sharing context
  167. How to pass/return 2-dimensional arrays in a kernel?
  168. Array-shifting (sampling)
  169. cl_khr_3d_image_writes support GPUs
  170. Webcam - Image vs. Mapped Buffer
  171. Host memory is getting value just after kernel finishes
  172. Problem with frequency algorithm
  173. Worth getting second card to avoid freezes?
  174. Whare are the Buffer objects stored ??
  175. Beginners Question: new ATI or nVidia boards?
  176. OpenCL on distributed systems.
  177. 'y' is not a member of cl_float2
  178. OpenCL Language Clarification
  179. Specify the number of compute units for execution of kernel.
  181. Sorting List & Counting Valid Entries
  182. 2nd Output Array gives garbage!
  183. Low performance of OpenCL application
  184. Problem with Memory not getting freed up
  185. Multi Platform Contexts
  186. Context failure because CL_DEVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE
  187. Setup OpenCL for completely heterogeneous implementation
  188. OpenCL without Nvidia or AMD?
  189. NVidia implementation works on ATI?
  190. using openCL to generate sha2-512 checksums of files
  191. How to properly create Read and Write Buffers:
  192. Strange linking problem
  194. OpenCL 1.1 Rev. 44
  195. Coelesced memory access details?
  196. When are/arent memory buffers necessary?
  197. IBM OpenCL Common Runtime SDK
  198. C++ Object to handle confusing parts
  199. Array initialization failed
  200. Image/Buffer Objects : Which is fastest? When?
  201. Buffer size for clCreateImage3D with CL_INTENSITY
  202. Best way to implement this?
  203. Basics
  204. OpenCL tradeoffs with driver
  205. How to convert an OpenCL buffer to an OpenGl 3D texture
  206. Is it possible to batch a 2d portion of a grid?
  207. The design of Composable OpenCL 3'rd Party Library Standard
  208. C++ Binding Enhancements
  209. Barrier and Array copying
  210. Efficient use of memory in GPU
  211. local declaration inside the kernel
  212. using workgroups
  213. compile prob: ext. func __sind can't be found (NO doubles!)
  214. Device Synchronization ?
  215. A few quick questions from a newbie
  216. OpelCL doesn't see my ATI 5870
  217. Cross-platform issues MacOSX / Linux
  218. Can event callbacks be preempted by other event callbacks?
  219. Invalid Operation using clBuildProgram
  220. making a passed-in structptr accessible globally in kernel
  221. clBuildProgram pfn_notify
  222. Program Build Error
  223. Initializing array on the GPU!
  224. Buffers, Images and cuTexRef
  225. File-level var, touched by passed-in param, becomes unusable
  226. image_channel_order for Ultrasound image
  227. two level of parallel
  228. free web-service for testing OpenCL applications on AMD GPUs
  229. Type casting question
  230. Kernel now working -- card to buy -- NVidia or ATI?
  231. Data Parallelism but with Unknown Iteration Count
  232. Problem in the kernel output!!
  233. Automatic Load-balancing compiler?
  234. OpenCL ideas for Masters Dissertation
  235. Struct in VS 2008 compiler
  236. How to draw an image from openCL?
  237. clCreateProgramWithSource returns CL_OUT_OF_HOST_MEMORY erro
  238. "random" kernel crash after running for minutes.... HEP!?
  239. AMD OpenCL set up.
  240. Failed Buffer Access
  241. Compilation of the Kernel is always at runtime?
  242. OpenCL - local memory over multiple kernels
  243. strange array problem
  244. Error codes: clSetKernelArg
  245. How to copy global memory to local memory
  246. OutOfResources and InvalidCommandQueue errors
  247. OpenCL specification questions
  248. AMD OpenCL with Nivida GPU
  249. LU factorization
  250. How to pass complex structures to kernel?