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  1. work_dim > 3?
  2. How to use double in kernel function?
  3. 16bits per channel RGB Image
  4. Help setting up OpenCL
  5. Limitation of local sizes on N-Dimensional NDRanged problems
  6. No GPU devices found... But yesterday everything worked...
  7. how to convert index of cuda into opencl
  8. OpenCL 1.0 - Any vendors support 3D write_imagef?
  9. OpenCL on Windows much slower than on Mac?
  10. Ternary operation for vector (select)
  11. Newbie question about number of CL devices
  12. initializing constant variable from file
  13. correctly deleting buffers
  14. max local array size?
  15. Out of resources problem
  16. Embedded profile
  18. OpenCL and encapsulation
  19. Cannot find -loclUtil_x86_64
  20. Tutorial series for OpenCL with C++
  21. Is CL_KERNEL_WORK_GROUP_SIZE value hardware dependent?
  22. ATI and NVIDIA from OpenCL perspective
  23. Suggestion for future OpenCL functionalities
  24. The Correct way to populate a lighting buffer
  25. problem of communication between global memory and private's
  26. Affine transform, floatnxm
  27. Why is default interpolation done this way?
  28. About writing to Global Memory
  29. Division by Zero on Large Problem Sizes
  30. Working with single channel images? (Is it possible?)
  31. Difference between USE_HOST, ALLOC_HOST, COPY_HOST pointer
  32. clBuildProgram crashes
  33. Passing NULL pointer to the kernel ?
  34. Searching for simple code
  35. Euler Rotation and Bounding box calculation of point cloud.
  36. Grabbing image from OpenGL via OpenCL
  37. strange behavior - clEnqueueWriteBuffer/ReadBuffer
  38. ICD and OpenCL on Windows CPU + GPU. How?
  39. sorting big array in GPU
  40. clCreateBuffer() need lots of time
  41. OpenCL.net
  42. OpenCL system, device type
  43. OpenCL precompiled kernel faster?
  44. Device types
  45. Sharing the GPU between OpenCL capable programs
  46. Atomic operations in OpenCL 1.0
  47. Trying to understand OpenCL Vs OpenCL on Cuda Architecture
  48. Different pointer size on host and device causing problems
  49. Faster on CPU than on the GPU
  50. max work item and max workgroup sizes for CPUs (MacOS / AMD)
  51. How does OpenCL handle loops ??
  52. using atom_inc to append to the end of an array
  53. OpenCL on embedded processors
  54. unsigned int or cl_uint?
  55. How to get free memory size on the device?
  56. Release cl::Context
  57. Is it possible to create context from multiple platforms?
  58. Open CL with OpenMP
  59. Multiple host threads with single command queue and device
  60. error:CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES when work dimention is 2
  61. On conformance image tests
  62. Question of openCL use of gpu and cpu
  63. Problem with code running on CPU
  64. help aligning struct for sending array of structs to the GPU
  65. One host, two devices, different vendors
  66. OpenCL Object Queries and speed
  67. can doing a loop calculation on a gpu be faster than a cpu ?
  68. PHP and OpenCL
  69. Tutorial
  70. C++ OpenCL helper object/function
  71. Run-time error in clBuildProgram(-11)
  72. Multiple kernels and constant memory
  73. Embedded RTOS hardware and software configuration
  74. OpenCL/OpenGL interop syncing issues
  75. Printf within a Kernel
  76. clGetEventProfilingInfo error
  77. Image functions
  78. error in the clBuildProgram
  79. Confusion with write_imagef()
  80. error gl.h included before glew.h oclutils.h
  81. quicklz compression offloaded to GPU
  82. Task parallelism
  83. static int inside a __kernel
  84. OpenGL OpenCL Interoperatibility not Working Debian Linux
  85. Dynamic OpenGl Texture
  86. Combinatorics?
  87. array of images?
  88. Failed to build CL program on Radeon 4670
  89. Beginnings of an audio loop
  90. a brief tutorial
  91. Getting started on MacOs X 10.6
  92. Section 8.2 Addressing mode and filtering
  94. clGetPlatformIDs returns 4294967266, not expected
  95. Writing var to output array is very slow.
  96. cpu working, gpu not
  97. Getting "Error in reading profiler output" w/Visual Profiler
  98. Global Arrays in OpenCL
  99. Shared OpenCL buffers between processes
  100. Debugging in OpenCL
  101. OpenCL struct alignment on host and device
  102. Problem with image object and clEnqueueReadImage
  103. Get Devices Help Needed
  104. Looking for Simple Image Processing
  105. Calling a kernel from within a kernel?
  106. How to use tex2D
  107. barrier(CLK_LOCAL_MEM_FENCE) ??
  108. Which memory is user for buffer object allocation ?
  109. OpenCL for IBM double hummer architecture? (BlueGene)
  110. passing an array of char* to kernel function
  111. Converting from Loops to ND Ranges
  112. Alignment problem?
  113. openCL on visual studio 2008 on vista - where to start?
  114. what is the use of sampler objects .give me an example
  115. what is the difference between the sampler objects creation
  116. Thesis - OpenCL Computation of Magnetic Susceptibility
  117. Access to Khronos repository for academia
  118. How to have one kernel signal all other kernels to return
  119. Invalid command queue / access violation
  120. opencl can be used in visual studio 2010?
  121. how to write opencl kernels
  122. Some startup tips
  123. OpenCL .icd file
  124. Kernel compilation problem....
  125. C++ templated cl::Buffer creation problem on AMD platform
  126. Experiments with memory object allocation flags
  127. Device watchdog
  128. Better cache control
  129. Problem with using local memory and global memory
  130. an opencl puzzle
  131. Does Pci express lane width matter?
  133. opencl performance
  134. Recursion?
  135. /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lshrutil_x86_64
  136. [BUG] cl::BufferRenderGL not derived from cl::Image
  137. How parallel is this code?
  138. Only read specific chunks of a buffer
  139. Optimized FFT for 32k complex numbers
  140. Kernel sincronization problem
  141. runtime error
  142. Iterate over built-in vector type?
  143. Work Item
  144. mapping buffer host on GPU device
  145. Multi-vendor OpenCL support in a single EXE?
  146. Retrieving local *current* GPU core, shader, memory clock
  147. why they are different
  148. OpenCL CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES on event.wait()
  149. devices selection
  150. One Code - Three different output images
  151. Memory space clarification
  152. Matrix Addition - what is wrong?
  153. One device, many contexts
  154. Draw many spheres
  155. where can i find cl_d3d9.h?
  156. opencl interop with directx9
  157. Problem creating cl_context
  158. Cannot use math functions
  159. Optimization
  160. Memory Problem when trying to speed up Kernel
  161. OpenCL on CPU and GPU with Nvidia cards on Ubuntu 10.10 ?
  162. constant memory
  163. performance comparison between OpenCL & DirectCompute
  164. Compile error for float4 array
  165. Global Memory - when is it changed?
  166. Casting int2, float2
  167. OpenCL compression code running 10 times than serial code !!
  168. use pointer in kernel code
  169. Vector's(float4, float8) calculation
  170. OpenCL : scope of application
  171. thread creation overhead
  172. render cl_mem(image object) to window
  173. Memory Access
  174. Strange Bug
  175. Reading file in OpenCL program
  176. Test kernel, Error:E010:Irreducible ControlFlow Detected
  177. Events and callback functions
  178. clEnqueueReleaseD3D10ObjectsKHR bug?
  179. speed factor
  180. How to reduce the read buffer time
  181. one device, no cpu and no context
  182. OpenCL Intel x86_64 code generation
  183. clEnqueueNDRangeKernel() returns with error code "-58"
  184. Using 2 ATI cards on Ubuntu 10.4 with OpenCL
  185. OpenCL development tool for OS X
  186. reduce the number of registers used
  187. How to use C++ templates in kernel?
  188. Apple FFT vs. AMD APP FFT
  189. OpenCL Fluid Simulator
  190. different local variables share memory?
  191. Memory object allocation
  192. loading images opencl
  193. maximum pinned memory
  194. Globally visible buffers or direct memory access?
  195. const variable / memory latency
  196. unique kernel names?
  197. Correct way to declare a global sampler_t
  198. which format supported in clCreateFromD3D10Texture2DKHR?
  199. creating objects in shared memory
  200. calling kernel from another kernel
  201. Kernels and mutexes
  202. Multi-GPU System, multiple contexts or command queues?
  203. Problem in compile
  204. Communication between OpenCL and CUDA
  205. clGetKernelWorkGroupInfo does not return correct local mem
  206. Errors Running AMD OpenCL Tutorial Code
  207. Using DLL-functions in a Kernel?
  208. clCreateFromD3D10Texture2DKHR returning CL_INVALID_OPERATION
  209. Will ATI support interoperability between OpenCL and D3d9?
  210. OpenCL weird error from clBuildProgram
  211. Constant memory execution error
  212. OpenCL name usage
  213. Cached Buffers
  214. Runtime differences __global, __constant, __local
  215. Read Image via OpenCL commands
  216. What is special about cl specific data types?
  217. Undefined reference errors with image2d functions
  218. Problems with linking in Linux
  219. CommandQueue async methods don't release Events properly
  220. global work offset in OpenCL 1.1
  222. Displaying data from OpenCL with OpenGL
  223. clRead/Write Image Problem
  224. Visual studio problem with cl_vector types
  225. typedef cl_float4 cl_float3; cl_platform.h
  226. Problems with Makefile using OpenCL and stdcl
  227. strange question
  228. Interpretation of CL_DEVICE_VENDOR_ID
  229. Init Buffer Problem
  230. Mixing OpenCL and OpenGL results with -48 error code
  231. Why create cl::Image2D from pointer?
  232. OpenCL Spec: release/retain errors
  233. Multiple platform implementations in one application?
  234. Error using my .h files in Kernel OpenCL
  235. OpenCl and Linux
  236. kernel understanding
  237. OpenGL buffer from OpenCL buffer?
  238. OpenCL on MacBook Pro with NVidia 320m
  239. Mipmaps and Image Pyramid
  240. Can i allocate memory inside kernel?
  241. ATI SDK Alternatif
  242. Looking for an OpenCL consultant
  243. Mistakes in CL man pages
  244. OpenCL Image Rotate/Scale/Translate, Affine Transform, ...?
  245. Simple OpenCL XOR encryption problem
  246. device select on MacBookPro
  247. Is it possible to write a function in a kernel file
  248. GPU compatibility question. HIS H695F2G2M Radeon HD 6950
  249. Testing vectors for equality
  250. calculation of a float value