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  1. Miswritten words
  2. The problem of including OpenMAXAL_IID.h
  3. Fonctions have same UUID
  4. OpenMAX AL DMB/DAB/DRM Objects
  5. Interface method does not have a self pointer
  6. The events relative to the playback.
  7. Return type not matching
  8. OpenMax AL test for conformance
  9. Discrepancy in ID for Dynamic interface management
  10. The type for XAboolean
  11. XAMetadataInfo structure has a fixed data array
  12. Destroy() function on XAObjectItf
  13. XAAudioIoCapabilitiesItf on Engine Object
  14. Printing error in XAAudioOutputDescripto
  15. Misprint in APIs on EngineItf
  16. GetDecoderprofileMode() on XAAudioDecodercapabilitiesItf
  17. Discrepancy between XAAudioInputDescriptor elements & macros
  18. Continuous playback supported in OpenMAX AL ?
  19. OpenMAX AL reference implementation
  20. XAVolumeItf missing in MediaPlayer?
  21. ConfigExtensionsItf and object lifetime