Contributor Members

Any company is encouraged to join the Khronos Group to participate in the development of open standards for mobile and desktop media technologies. Pricing chart

Three levels at which an individual, company or academic institution can participate in Khronos Group activity:

  • Academic Contributors - have full API working group participation but no voting rights.
  • Contributors - have full API working group participation and voting rights, and generous marketing benefits.
  • Promoters - act as the "Board of Directors" to set the direction of the Group, with final specification ratification voting rights.
  • Member List - View a current and simply list of Khronos members

HI Corporation

HI Corporation, produces solutions for a "second nature" computing lifestyle. HI develops package software, systems and games and provides seminar instruction for Professional Engineers. HI's Mascot Capsule Engine is the leading real-time 3d rendering engine for mobile handsets, handheld games and other embedded software devices. Adopted by J-Phone and by manufacturers of handsets for NTT DoCoMo and KDDI, Mascot Capsule Engine is deployed in more than 10 million handsets. Mascot Capsule Engine, recipient of the 2001 Tokyo Venture Technology Grand Prize, is available for licensing to countless platforms for use in a myriad of application products.   For more information, please visit